Galaxy Dragon Point Auction--CLOSED Picture

The base I used was made by griffsnuff and can be found here.
This dragon's design was based on this public domain NASA image, which can also be found here.

Adopted by Sylveon17

Rules When Placing Bids

  • Place your bid in a comment below. If you place your bid elsewhere, I will ask you to comment here.
  • All bids must be offered in points. I will take no other form of payment.
  • Please be respectful to all bidders and me. If you are mean, you will get a warning upon the first offense. If you continue to cause trouble or your first offense is extreme, your bid will be ignored and hidden, and you will be blocked until the auction is over.
  • Do not take the adoptable unless you are the adopter.

If You End Up Winning the Adoptable Auction

  • I will notify you in a comment here that you are the adopter.
  • You must send me all of the points you bid within 48 hours of my approval. If you fail to do so, I will put the adoptable back up for auction.
  • Once you’ve paid in full, I’ll give you a link to the layered TIF image of this adoptable in a private note. You may repost this image as long as you follow griffsnuff's rules on using this base.
  • You may make any changes you’d like to the character’s design.

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