Logunede - African God of Beauty Picture

Logunede is a minor god from the Yoruba mythology and is also worshipped in afro-american religions
He is the son of two major gods, Oshosi the god of Forest and Oshun the goddess of Rivers. He is the god of Beauty, Prosperity and also brings good luck, joy and a loving heart to his children, and in some places he is considered the protector of the homosexual people and of the long lasting love relationships. He is know for being a great magician and performs great miracles, because of this, in the Catholic church he is syncretized as Saint Expeditus.
He is androgynous and depicted both as a beautiful man and a beautiful woman, as for six months in the year he is a man who hunts in the forests and for six months he turns into a woman who fishes in the rivers. Because of his nature of gender-shifting, he also represents duality, change and the total lack of constancy. He is loving, but rough, he is generous, but self centred and spoiled, he is joyful, but melancholic, wise, but childish.
Simplifying, he is everything he is, and the opposite of that. He also represents "bipolarity" or "double personality", and because of this, the main characteristic of his children is the inconstant personality.
His symbols are the Ofa (Bow and Arrow) and the Abebe (hand mirror)

"Loci Loci Logun" is the salutation to this god
I hope you enjoy this artwork in tribute to my beloved father, as im myself i child of Logunede
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