Alpha Wood Nymph - WIP + Tut. Picture

A Work In Progress / Tutorial . . .

___Back Story_________________________________________________________________________________

This character, "The Alpha Wood Nymph" is taken from a previous work of mine, "A Dryads Hope". A short story accompanying the piece describes this character whom I've decided is worthy of her own piece. Here's an excerpt from that piece:
"A figure rose from the bramble, it was the Alpha Female Wood Nymph from her dream. She was medium height for a Wood Nymph (about 5.9) with a fierce, streamlined, lean build. Small but well defined muscles rippled her fair skin. She wore a rather small loincloth embellished with neat geometric embroidery and sporadically placed beadwork. On her left hip, a rather large flint blade knife was tucked under the ties strap of her loincloth. Above her biceps, elbows, knees and calves thin leather tourniquet thongs were tied accentuating her muscle tone. From the tie tassels of the tourniquet thongs hung beautiful striped and speckled breath feathers from an owl of some sort. All over her mostly bare skin she had large pattern animal print boldly tattooed in flat swatches of slightly iridescent green-black. Her ears were pierced with finely detailed bone carvings. The detail on the bone was apparent, but too fine to be legible from this distance. Her fiery red hair was ruggedly cut into wild mane-like Mohawk. Her eyes shone green like emeralds under her tight low brow. The Wood Nymph cursed and spat while pulling thorns from her foot. She must've been distracted. It’s not like a wood Nymph to be so careless. Pulling the last thorn from the bottom of her left big toe, her attention darted over to the Dryad."
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