Goddess, wake not... Picture

...Lest you drown the world in your tears.


One of my favorite parts of Iris was getting to write the "creation myths" of each Demi species in the novel, and this here would be the Mermaid Myth:

"This is the sleeping goddess's tale. This is the story of the goddess who heard a voice while she floated in the blue blue World before The World, when all was only water: this voice told her to create a song, and through the song she sang she created the world, and on this world she created all that lived and died.

"But our goddess did not love us. Though she loved us at first we were not what she wanted: she realized that she was in love with the voice, and she called to it again and again, but all she heard was the echo in the light. In her anguish and her sorrow she drowned the world to silence our noisy ways, but still the voice did not return, and she fell into a slumber. We came back slowly, and kept our noises at a hush, but over time we grew too loud again, and she woke and drowned us again. Three times she will flood the world, always seeking that voice, and the third time she will destroy all life, destroy the world, and all shall return to water, and be no more."

Anyway, been a while since I did a watercolor piece! This one was really rough, and I know there are a lot of mistakes/places where I messed up (her tears, the blotches under her chin, etc), but I'm just trying to take the piece as a whole and appreciate the practice it's given me in working on my watercoloring techniques, and trying lots of new stuff, too! (Another resolution of mine: cut back on the self-deprecation, and stop obsessing over all the little faults!)

Getting to do that milky way/galaxy splatter was fun; I think I'm slowly beginning to figure out washes! : D
And yes I know what this composition resembles but that is purely unintentional okay? Okay good.

~6 hours, Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolors, India Ink, touch of gouache and white gel pen (<--
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