Rosella Keeper ~Chancel of Mythos Picture

Name: Rosella (Rose)
Age: 250
Gender: Female
Sealed - "5'3"
Fated - "4'5"
True - "1"

Species: Faerie

Glamour ~ Rosella is a user of the illusion magic known as a glamour a signature of fae magic. Best used for hiding and trickery her magic is only able to create marvelous illusions on whatever she touches, she however cannot create something out of nothing as glamours are placed over objects or living beings. The size of the object and the detail of the glamour putting a strain on her as she has to concentrate more the more difficult it is.

(aka changing hair colour is easy, hiding a 6 story building? near impossible without alot of time and her falling over passed out)

True Sight ~ Like a good fae Rosella's eyes have a sort of double vision living in a realm of fantasy and reality allowing her to see past any illusions especially glamours. This does result in alot of accidentally funny moments for her when she sees someone acting in or out of character with their mythos as she sees both the sealed form and the true form performing the action.

Channeling Magic ~ As a being of magic Rosella, if any person, place, or thing has been spelled, as a fae can tap into that magic and store it to give to another mythos. With this in mind, it is a very bad idea to use magic against a fae like Rossella. As she naturally can absorb and channel magic she can also do it for spells cast at her, taking in the energy. This however is a gamble as if she takes in too much it can backfire on her overdoing it tends to have drastic and unpredictable consequences. This ability is to mostly help fuel other mythos and magical artifacts or to help nullify the more dangerous ones.

Rosella is a fae creature ALL of her magic and herself can be counteracted by cold iron which is DEADLY to fae folk in general. Touching any glamour with cold iron objects will 'short out' the glamour, wearing cold iron will stop her true sight and putting cold iron on Rosella herself will not only nullify all her magical abilities but slowly kill her.

What is cold iron? cold iron is pure iron that has not been through a forge or touched heat usually referring to cast iron which was commonly used back in the days of old
What is it commonly found as? pots, old chains, some knives, some hammers, car parts and old jewelry

Title: Seer
Class: C - Rank
Partner: CoM: Kai Palakiko by Alorix

Occupation: Sanctuary Prankster (not a real job but she seems to think so)

Residence/Region: Western


Rosella has a deep sense of wonder and hope in the world making her fee like a true fae again as that sense of child-like wonder is inherent to her being. Though this makes her terribly childish sometimes it also gives her an unparalleled sense of creativity and imagination though often silly. She's a prankster by simple nature and takes it upon herself to make sure that life is never dull, though her methods can range from hilarious to downright scandalous. It baffles some because of Rosella's long life span she is actually quite intelligent and wise in some respects but acts much much younger then her own age. This is because Rose desperately clings to the teachings of her people and tries to never let it show how much the world has truly beaten down on her. She is truelly and utterly afraid of losing herself to the looming sense on ennui that comes from simply living so long and being through all she has.

This does not mean she does not have her moments of wise advice or seriousness just that they are few and far between. She tries to be very social but sometimes has a hard time connecting to people, though has the easiest time connecting to children whether human or mythos who represent everything good in fae society. Though that being said it is not uncommon for her to tease others for being so young, infact anyone younger than 100 she still counts as an infant and has been known to bring teddy bears on their birthday parties as gifts.

Despite her obviously flaws though Rosella tries being a good person though is often reckless and is a little lax on defining some rules getting herself into trouble. But she has a kind heart and a creativity she just wants to share with others to hopefully find people to be around missing the community that she had in her past.

She does have some common fae vices though;bad jokes, anything shiny and anything sweet.... though the last time someone gave her a sweetened coffee she was speeding through the halls and talking like a madwoman (and as such she has been banned from ever having coffee or coffee beverages again)


Rosella was born in the middle of Russia during the reign of the russian empire. Fae and other forest spirits retreated rapidly from the world of man. Rosella's parents stayed, she herself was fortunate enough to be granted a mostly happy childhood dancing and playing under the stars and moon casting her magic upon their glades that became her temporary home. She was happy and grew up surrounded by her family, traveling along their forest trails and evading direct contact with humans which was the faerie way it was as simple as that. But her joys did not last long... as the age of 6 the plague struck, a deadly disease that had not been seen for ages. It wiped out so many in just a few short years. the black plague ravaged the land once again it brought with it the suspicion and paranoia that even mythos turned on one another. Everything was in competition from food to even magic, they were at the end of the line. With the russian empire it is full seat of power, their pagan ways brought nothing but danger to their doorstep at every turn, many fled to seek shelter elsewhere. The idea of turning in to the Sanctum was as appealing but who knows if they would risk allowing fae who could be carrying the disease? They're job was to contain rogues and mythos on the fringes they could not deal with many of the mythos falling over to die.

Rosella thought that everything was free and clear but that was not true.... one night she woke up and her parents were just... gone. She had no sign or clue how to follow them she was just a child crying out for her mother and father. It would not be many years later till she guessed that they may have caught the plague themselves and left her in hopes she would survive. She never found him not ever in her years of searching. She was forced into an orphanage no better then a workhouse fed little and teased about how she looked. It was not long before she simply just ran away to return to her beloved forests, humanity was cruel, unforgiving and unkind. She had no love for them in her heart.

Her coming of age was a celebrated event she was truly happy taking her first flight on her own through the trees spreading her wings and getting used to the new magical abilities afforded to her with her age. It was during this flight that she came across a small village, and curious once again about the world of mankind Rosella spent her days pranking the locals practicing her magic and even watching the humans at a distance. Laughing the games that were played, she was not truly malevolent but she wanted to have fun while she could.

One of her pranks ended up having her crossing paths with a young human man known as Alexander, he was a boy from the village she had been watching she found him adorably humble and a bit shy. Though she knew she had to keep her true self a secret from him two were soon fast friends and then later as a year went by they were a couple. She moved into a little cabin in the woods with him finding life among the humans nice but her little piece of paradise did not last long. As her young man was taken away by war with the promise of riches an offer he took so he could make sure to come back a wealthy man. Their parting was bitter sweet and while she had promised to wait for him until he came home when the rest of the court moved so did she. Perhaps it was her fickle nature as a faerie or the fact that she knew she could not stay close to humans without drawing suspicion sure she could charm her age but she was not human she followed neither their laws nor their religion. The latter of course going to bring in the greatest discourse the last thing she wished to be was marked as a heretic, that could mean all sorts of trouble.

Eventually she returned to the village of her lover. Perhaps he would take her back or there would simply be a nice place for her to rest a few days. But upon her arrival she was shocked seeing that it too had been touched by the ravages of time, disease and war. There were bodies everywhere and the whole village reeked of death and blood, the walls of a lovely cabin home splattered with blood. Alexander was there waiting, though for a moment she did not recognize him at all, for while the years had passed by so quickly to her leaving her untouched by time. Alexander was an aged man now and she looked no different then the maiden he had first met. She didn't know what to say to him the look in his dead eyes, the sickly palour of him almost made her ill.

The rest was not a memory she has ever looked back upon fondly, it left a scar on her that she was sure she could not heal. Hearing the ringing of the words called out in anger repeat over and over in her mind she could not stop crying until her tears ran out. Mankind had twisted and turned everything no matter where she went there was devastation. She had no where to turn to and found the bitter harsh cruelty of man and mythos alike in these hard times, for almost everyone was on their own now. She fled wishing to be away from any and everyone eventually finding her way to the Black Forest in Russia along the river Rhine. It was there that she made her home and spent years in seclusion from others even her own kind. Her occupation in the area helped full the mythology of the River Rhine. Luck found her when she found another refugee from humans, a dragon mythos. They were tentative friends and she gave him her respect, the two talked about ages long past remaining one another's companion for a time. This was until humans once again resurfaced into their lives, man ever expanding came to the black forest. Rose simply did not deal with them at first unsure of the strange creatures in even stranger clothes now then before. But the dragon was not kind enough to share his part of the black forest with them. Rosella for her part never questioned his actions, he was defending his home and she was unsure of how to treat humans. She was afraid of them and afraid of herself around them for they were now to her the embodiment of everything that frightened her.... Age, the loss of innocence and the childlike wonder that was part of her core as a fae. For a time she was considering to return to the world of Mythos in the Sanctum but was afraid of rejection, the unknown and many other things. When the wars of man came once again now tenfold it even reached her ears and the first sightings of the great sky beasts frightened her. It was then when she came across her old companion seeing the vicious bloodthirsty look in his eyes for a second time in her life her heart stopped in panic, a great fire reigned on the black forest that day. Rosella herself nearly died when she refused to help the rogue unleash his fury upon the humans wishing to just be done with it and kill even those outside his territory, She fought back to little avail and nearly got herself killed, if not for the interference of keepers she would have.

Rosella was taken back to the Sanctum where she was bandaged and nursed back to health but it was obvious to many that re-releasing her was a bad idea, she knew little about technological advancements and was wary of all around her atypical behavior of a mythos of her kind. Thus Rosella entered into a rehabilitation process where she began making slow progress getting the help she needed. Under the guidance of the younger generations of mythos she was brought to a sense of normalcy and perspective. Being surrounded by Keepers and Watchers alike helping out everyone be them mythos or human she began to see that little ray of hope again, but was still hit hard by her own failures as a moral being. It was a hard process trying relearn all she had ever known about the world and to accept that the way she had lived was unacceptable even barbaric in some peoples eyes. Eventually succeeded into being rehabilitated back into normal society, even though now and then she may still have issues with modern tech and still is wary around humans. Her acceptance and application into the Keeper ranks was tentative at best due to her past but she was determined to make it work she wanted redemption for what she had done and what she had let happen to humans. Perhaps if she helped enough people then she could forgive herself. As finding a partner for her was difficult due to the age differences and the fact that it is hard to find someone who can understand fae interactions she was mostly only put on reserve to aid those whose partner was down or who called in for back up to deal with harder rogues. Her persistence began her rise through the ranks slowly until she finally reached C Rank. Though her presence on the Sanctum has become a constant she usually finds herself on the outside looking in.

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