Gods and Guides Picture

Another page of sketches, this time of some deities.

Top row are some gods from different mythologies. From left to right:

-Odin, the All-Father, leader of the Norse Pantheon. Here presented in his "Wanderer" guise, with his two ravens Huginn and Muninn perched upon his head. (Trivia time: He looks like Gandalf because Tolkien based the Grey Wizard's appearance on this guy!)

-Ra, also known as Re to some, is the Egyptian god of the Sun. He's had a very complex and complicated history with his followers. Here he is armed with a sickle, really just because I wanted to draw him with one. (Trivia time: His head is that of a falcon, and the orb above his head is the sun!)

-Hephaestus, the Greek God of the Forge. He's also the god of fire, technology, metal, blacksmiths and other craftsmen, and volcanoes! He has a pretty hefty portfolio. He was crippled when the other gods cast him down from Olympus because he was ugly (the gits), and spends his time crafting the most powerful weapons and tools ever known, even to the gods. (Trivia: His anvil is very advanced godly technology, that functions in ways mere mortals cannot comprehend! He also uses it as a hard, flat surface to shape metal on! His body has similar glowy lines, due to his technologicalness)

-Susanoo, the Shinto deity of storms and the sea! Born from the nose of the god Izanagi (no really), Susanoo's a very aggressive, rough dude! He was once so profoundly impolite that he made his sister Ammy (another sun god) to hide in a cave, casting the world in darkness! He made up for it though by fighting a giant demon and getting a sweet sword, Kusanagi, from its tail. He's still kind of a dick though. (Trivia: Here he is being uncharacteristically calm! He's just doing it to make Ammy happy though; in about five seconds he's gonna jump off there and threaten something)

The bottom row consists of beings seen as gods (or very close) by those who worshipped them, but are actually psychopomps, better known as Guides, beings that guide souls of the dead to the next place! From left to right:

-Brynhildr, a Valkyrie! She is one of the many Guides who follow the command of Odin, and are said to claim half the souls of those fallen in battle. Here she's borrowed Odin's spear Gungnir, and is armed with a pretty neat shield! (Trivia: Guides do not need to take orders from anyone, but the valkyries are honourbound to the All-Father for a bunch of reasons!)

-Anubis, the Egyptian "god" of the afterlife! This jackal-headed dude was seen as a god by his worshippers, but that's only because he likes hanging out with Horus and his bros. (Trivia: The thing he has in his left hand is an ankh, a symbol of eternal life!)
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