Timmathy Percival Higgsybury Picture

Full Name: Timmathy Percival Higgsybury
Pronunciation: Tim-A-they Per-civil Higs- Burry
Nickname/Alias: Gentlemen Magician
ID Number: 289 (Given by me to keep track of these guys.)

Gender: Male
Orientation: Straight
Real Age: 27
Birthday: August
Birthplace: England - Earth 230
Astrological Sign: Virgo
Zodiac Sign: Chicken
Species: Human
Ethnicity: European
Blood Type: A
Preferred Hand: Left
Eye Color: Black
Skin Tone: Light to fair
Complexion: Fair
Build: A little underweight
Height: 5'8''
Weight: 169lbs
Shoe Size: 6
Birthmarks/scars: He has a old scar on his back

Health: Mildly healthy but gets sick easy.
Energy: Moderate energy.
Memory: He forgets names easy.
Senses: He has over all normal senses for a human.
Allergies: He has no allergies.
Handicaps: None
Medication: None.
Phobias: He has a phobia of deep water.
Addictions: None but does drink from time to time.
Mental Disorders: He has a mild case of depression.

Mood: He is chipper and ready for anything.
Expressiveness: He expresses himself very openly and speaks whats on his mind.
When Happy: He has a big grin and a skip in his step.
When Depressed: He'll lay in his bed and do nothing or sometimes cry.
When Angry: He usually will growl and leave the room in a huff.

Wardrobe:He dresses in fashionable 1920's style of clothing.
Equipment: He has a magic wand that he loves to death.
Accessories: Nothing.
Grooming: He keeps himself fairly clean.
Habits and Mannerisms: He has a bad habit of nail biting.
Scent: He smells like a pinecone.

Upbringing: He was raised with his older brother Wilson in a normal house hold with his mother, father and grand father. He was always fascinated with magic and loved to practice when no one was looking. He and his brother grew very close and are now inseparable. (Post DS story line)

Occupation: Tailor
Work Ethnic: He enjoys making clothing and gets things done one step at a time.
Rank: He is a common man.
Income: 20 a month
Funds: He his a little poor but makes it through alright.
Prized Possession: His magic books and wand.

IQ: 170
Education: He went to boarding school.
Grade: Bs and Cs
Social Stereotype: He was the sissy boy.
Degrees: None

Current Residence: He lives with his brother in a fixer upper house in the country side.
Bosses: He is his own boss.
Followers: None that he knows of.
Heroes: He looks up to the great William!
Rivals: His brother is a bit like a rival to him.

(Uhhh NSFW part)
Lovers: ???
Marital Status: Single
Sex Life: ????
Turn-Ons: ????
Turn Offs
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