CF- Blanche Winchester Picture

Name: Blanche Winchester
Circus name/Title: Song Bird
Age: 18
Act/ Position: Ticket Taker
Ability(if any): Similar to that of a mythological siren she can control people through song, however she can only use her powers for a max of 3 minutes(any longer and she'll collapse). In that 3 minutes she is only able to calm a rowdy large crowd; the bigger her crowd the quicker she has to stop. She only rarely uses her power feeling that it isn't right to take control of harmless people. Blanche only ever performs as a way to calm a rowdy crowd or if another performer is threatened.
Personality(will add to later): | Friendly | Talkative | Protective | Motherly | Optimistic | Independent |
Being away from people for so long Blanche is very talkative and tends to talk a whole lot about nothing to anyone who is willing to listen. She's friendly to mostly everyone and as long as you don't push her away she will do anything to protect and take care of you. Even in the harshest of times she tries her best to see the light and be a half-glass-full kind of gal. As much as she loves people she is very independent and can only get a lot of work done if she's by herself.
-singing/playing piano
-sunflowers & marigolds
-sunsets(its the only time she can go out in the sun w/o her umbrella)
-cheesy acts of romance(bad pickup lines and all)
-being called a vampire/monster/freak/marshmallow(>3<)
-using her powers to intentionally hurt people
-the taste of pork
Background(sorta RP style): "My background? Well it's certainly nothing special, but if you insist I suppose I could tell you." Blanche looked to the sky with a puzzled look as if she was trying to remember a punch line to a joke. She bit the side of her lip and started, "Well I suppose I'll start at the beginning, hmm?" She looked back at you with a smile on her face. "Remember, I'm nothing special."
"Well I was born into a semi-wealthy family. My mother, Rosalynn, at the time was a skilled musician and stayed home a good chunk of the time to practice her songs. My father, Louis, mostly provided for the family. Well to be completely honest I have no idea what his job was, he wasn't ever home and I didn't bother asking where he was." She takes a moment to laugh softly to herself and picks up where she left off. "I was born into the family a twin. How about I tell you about my sibling another time? I'd hate to bore you with more of my family life,alright? As you can probably tell I didn't come out looking normal. Many people in the town I live in hated me because I looked so different from everyone else. My parents took it upon themselves to give the best childhood the could while I was cooped up in the house in fear that someone from the town would hurt me. But looking back on it now it really didn't bother me that much as a child. I guess I thought I was special because I didn't have to go to school. Don't think I got away that easy though! My mother got me a tutor to homeschool me. Thankfully though, my mother taught me everything she could about the piano, singing, and writing songs. I suppose it's time to talk about my abilities and what not? Y'know, I always had a feeling I was different. Nothing special really happened. After being trained so much by my mother, I think I was 16? But on accident one day I was singing out the window and before we knew it I accidentally drew in the families of the eight other houses on the road. That's about it. I don't like using my abilities cause I do in a way take control of people. Ticket taker just so much more appealing. I love talking to people! But really, ever since I realized I was just a caged bird, I knew I needed to find a place where I was accepted for everything I was inside and out. That's why I came here. I couldn't imagine being anywhere else. This is my home now. This is my happily ever after." She smiled and spread her arms out wide. "Oh goodness that was really cheesy."
You thanked her for telling you all about her background but before you were able to leave she grabbed your wrist while looking you dead in the eye. "Oh and contrary to popular belief I am NOT a vampire. It is simply a skin condition." She let go of you and walked away in a hurry.
Lit or script: both UvU

Second character because we really needed a ticket taker. Remember we still need a grave digger! If anyone's interested in making a twin for Blanche I would absolutely be honored especially if he/she could also be the grave digger
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