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~*~My face. Get out of it.~*~
Name: Orpheus “Ophel” Turnbull
Codename: TBA but secretly hoping for orange or durian
Class: Hitman
DOB: 27 January, 2075 [age 22]
Sex: Male
Nationality: ‘Murican
Height: 5’10’’
Weight: 172 lbs
Hardheaded, barechested, Ophel sure tries to be easy going. It simply doesn’t come that easy to him—he’s a tense guy, easily ticked off, angry at a great many things. He’ll be loudly blunt to the point of rudeness. Or maybe he’s just rude; we can’t tell. Pierce that shell, though, and he’s incredibly protective.
There aren’t many people to which he considers close, so: if you get into his circle of bros, he’ll stick with you. This also goes causes him to harbor some jealous tendencies at points. Loyalty is a two-way road. He’s more adept at following directions than executing his own (no matter how many times he tries), but when faced in a pinch, he thinks on his feet. Overly complex ideas are an easy way to annoy him.

Positive traits:
+Open—easy to read, easy to accept new concepts
+Responsible—he’ll get his work done, just give him some time to groan about it
+Loyal—you can sure bet that he won’t give you away, and he’ll stand by you
+Handsome—mm look at that boy

Negative traits:
-Rigid—man, if he thinks he’s right about something, it’s going to be hard to convince him otherwise. Stubborn horse ass combo
-Aggressive—if he doesn’t understand it, he gets ticked. When he gets ticked, he starts flipping things
-Grumpy butt—permanent scowl on his face, eternal snark on his tongue; kittens ain’t gonna do you any good

His story begins with family.
First off, his parents are wack. What with society deteriorating, they were still hidden in a basement in their South Carolina home, obsessed with greek mythology, convinced that some ancient power was going to save the world (it wasn’t, of course. They’re just wank). They named both of their children Orpheus, for god’s sake, who does that?

But this brings us to the children. Ophie and Ophel, 4 years apart, Ophel the older brother. When he was a little kid and found out he was to have a younger sister, he realized that he couldn’t let her live in this household either. While their parents weren’t abusive, they were exaggeratedly neglecting, and that wasn’t the kind of life the boy wanted for baby Ophie.

So he took charge. He made sure she got her milk, cooked noodles and instant rice, and tried teaching her basic education. If she ever saw a wild animal, Ophel would kick it until it left her alone. The same would happen with wild people, whenever the situation arose.

However, his parents eventually got to her sanity, and convinced Ophie that she was a naiad—some magical river spirit who was going to help humanity.
So, Ophel’s little sister was lost to him.
But she was still his little sister.

With that mindset, imagine his surprise when he let go of her hand for ten minutes and misplaced her. Taken. A victim of what he assumed was maybe some ritual sacrifice, but was actually just a regular kidnapping. Distraught with nothing and nobody to turn to, he hitched on over to Eridanus when he was 18, offering his services to whatever odd jobs there were. Lifting boxes, working heavy machinery, he bulked up quickly, and rumor spread that somebody at Novak Industries knew what happened to the kidnapped.

Which leads us to now.

Warm weather, spicy food, a comfy bed. A place to stay. People to lean on. People who lean on him back.

Lectures, confined spaces, quitters, know-it-alls, drama.

-he keeps a small dictionary in his pocket, just in case
-he doesn’t know his way well around a gun, but a guy can point and shoot, right?
-he’s shipped with Adam [link TBA] and is soon to be in a brot3 with Adam and [name undecided] SORRY LADIES

Prompt Response #4
Ophel hissed at the grazed bullet in his side, but he ducked through the pain. The office he was sent to secure turned out to be a site of ambush, but that’s the exact reason why he was there, right? Eliminate any hostiles. Before they took another shot at him, he flipped a table on its side for protection.
Grabbing at his wound he called out, “You’re both dead, d’you know that!” But Ophel himself was at the disadvantage here—what could he use? His gun was out in the hallway, propped against the wall from before the attack. He quickly looked around and saw an idea. Potted plant? Great for throwing.

And so he threw it, hitting the one guy smack on the face and disorienting the other enemy long enough so that Ophel could punch his jaw. A few more jabs and they were out cold, dragged to a corner and locked in the room they ambushed.

***I try to be on a lot, maybe a few hours in dA chats daily, sometimes longer; I haven't properly roleplayed in months, honestly, so it's a re-learning experience. Even if I'm not there, though, I'll still technically be active because the like 4 other people I'm dragging into this group with me all play together on skype!

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