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ok So well this is a little gif of my o.c castor as a chibi he is one of the zodiacs (Gemini) to be more specific he's is the younger brother of pollux better know for both as the Gemini twins (my sign) o-o. I'm obsessed with my own o.c(s) LSIMBIWFEFMTALOL

He has a mustache eue a fake one obviously Lol The twins unlike the other ones actually go into and understands the "style" and "trend" very quickly than the others because in there sign they have a very high curiosity level so they would go every were that got there attention and they got to learning everything very quickly as for the others they got the "trend/style" but not the technology part yet since the other signs done have a curiosity level as high as the twins do "they literally act as if they were born in that time and know everything there is to now" they are more in to some what of a hipster nerd/geek type they a very weird in a good way and things like that.

I favor them the most not just because they are m sign(but that's one lol) but because they have that geeky nerd thing that I like they are very much like me when it comes to personality and likings and disliking (despite that they are my sign and obviously I suppose to have things in common...)

On earth they(pollux and castor) have different but very much alike personals due to when they were alive they still have that but when they go back home (planet/space/the stars) they have identical personality's but same in tight spots or opinions they can act different but not really like castor he's the good brother dose nothing bad is always nice, Always makes the good dissention(s) BUTTT on the other hand unlike his brother pollux he's the bad one dose everything bad mean shallow etc... pollux who is a very good manipulator (so is castor but still). manipulates his brother into doing what he says like if they had a group of people to save or just save them selves pollux would tell his brother to just leave them and they would get out safely but castor being the good one but also being very gullible (so is pollux) he would go with his brother BUTTT he would try to do something to some how help them get out or sometimes not even lessen to his brother(on a really rare occasions) and help the others not even caring for his own safety as long as he did the right thing he could care less what happened to himself BUTT his brother pollux is very protective of is younger brother so he would neutrally give in (not understanding why castor is "so good" or nice to others) and he would help his brother help others he would do anything for his brother so would castor for pollux.

(they never ever leave each others sides even in life threating situations they would die together than die apart and leavening one sad forever they also tell everything to each other and don't lie to each other but others ell pollux yes sometimes castor but he doesn't understand cause he doesn't want to hurt the person) castor doesn't mind not having his brother all the time next to him but pollux freaks out when castor is not next to him he gets worried and very nervous he doesn't like to be alone. the first time they were suppose to go down to earth pollux did not want to go but castor did and the whole time pollux was freaking out cause all the zodiacs are on earth and he's alone without castor.

Castor already know he was freaking out so he convinced pollux to come to earth (btw originally before they "died" pollux was a demi god and castor was a human) pollux agreed but once he got to earth he went full evil (there's 2 mythologies for castor a pollux I combined both to gather but the main one I used was Gemini is a zodiacal constellation representing the twin brothers Castor and Pollux. Both were mothered by Leda, and were therefore brothers of Helen, but they had different fathers: In one night, Leda was made pregnant both by Jupiter in the form of a swan and by her husband, the king Tyndarus of Sparta. Pollux, as the son of a god, was immortal and was renowned for his strength, while his mortal brother Castor was famous for his skill with horses. Both brothers voyaged in search of the Golden Fleece as Argonauts, and then fought in the Trojan War to bring their sister home to her husband Menelaus. They are traditionally depicted as armed with spears and riding a matched pair of snow-white horses.

The most common explanation for their presence in the heavens is that Pollux was overcome with sorrow when his mortal brother died, and begged Jupiter to allow him to share his immortality. Jupiter, acknowledging the heroism of both brothers, consented and reunited the pair in the heavens.

Castor and Pollux were unique among those placed in the sky in that they are not represented merely as a constellation but as actual stars which mark the twin's heads in the constellation. Castor is bright white binary star, while Pollux is orange. They may be found between Cancer and Taurus.
--. (… ) . the second one (the one, I'm telling right now were pollux agrees to come to earth but the part after that ) pollux kills castor because castor was too good and they fought castor dies and pollux is still evil polllux hates humans xD butt so when pollux agrees to come to eart he finnally dose and pollx's evil or bad takes over him and thats were it all gose down ;u;

Art and chararcter by me
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