Destroyer of Light 13 Picture

Well, this one took me a bit longer than expected. Partly because rooms and buildings are harder to draw than trees and bushes, partly because I had to polish the script a bit. I realized that of course this story takes place after the family party on Olympus. It's the beginning of spring and the family party was supposed to take place during winter. The alternative would be that this happens the spring before the family party and that would probably confuse things too much. Not that the family party in any way changes the plot for this story (other than that the characters should mention it if it has already happened).

Ugh, when this story and Daddy's Girl are finished, I promise you that I will try to finally draw the story about the family party.

Persephone isn't the most sociable girl in the world, but I wanted to put her in a social situation where she actually has a good time. She likes her mother (even if her overprotective nature gets on her nerves sometimes) and she likes Hekate. I imagine that Demeter and Hekate met when they were "young" and have been very close friends ever since (now why do I keep getting images of young Deo and young Hekate making out...?).
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