TRA App: Sunny Picture

Name: Sunny Thompson. (Yeah, his parents wanted a girl)

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Year: Second

Dorm: Purple rose. The rose thingy's on his hairband (forgot to draw it and I can't now cos no tablet)

Classes: French, Physical education, Drama, Biology, English, Math, Art and Mythology

Personality: Sunny, to sum it all up, is a lazy little derp. He hates doing anything, especially school work. Despite that, when pushed he can do it. He's also incredibly protective of his friends and boyfriends/girlfriends.
Though he can get annoyed fairly easily, espcially by people teasing or just being dicks to others. .
He's got a laid back attitude to authority and doesn't give a shit if people tell him off. However, he hates physical violence.

Sunny grew up in a strict household until he was ten. His parents then divorced, his father moving out to France and his mother moving into a city flat. They shared custody, Sunny would stay with his mother during the school terms before going to spend the holidays with his father.
Both his parents where quite scrict however, getting annoyed if he got bad reports or detentions, which happened quite often. As a result he skipped school alot and hung out in the city by himself.
He got along well with people but was never too good at getting close to people. The closest friend he did have was a screwny tomcat that liked to follow him and he eventually kept it as a pet.
Sunny did have a string of boyfriends and girlfriends but they only lasted a month tops and where really just making out instead of an actual relationship.
Eventually though, his parents found out about how he wasn't going to school and began to looking into other ways to make their son smart.
Coming across Tomber Rose, both parents agreed it'd be the best place and promplty sent him away. Sunny just agreed and after smuggling his new cat went to his new school.

-his red pillow
-drawing on stuff
-dying his hair wild colours
(will add more later)

-having nothing to do
(will add more later)

- Originally, his parents wanted a daughter and had already agreed on the name Sunny. However when a son was born they didn't bother to give him a male name and kept the old one.
-Is easily distracted and will just start drawing on anything close to him, his jeans, shirt, pillow ect.
-He'llchange his hair colour whenever he gets bored of it |D
-he's 5'10
-He's actually pretty athletic
- He recently just found out Cat is "A fucking chick" |D;
(will add more later)
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