MCA Application: April Picture

Name: April Drake
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Height: 4'11"
Weight: 109 lbs
Orientation: Straight
Dorm: Onyx

Skill: fiery whip: Tail can go into flames and hit like a whip
Good Swordsmanship (enough to defend herself)
Burning skin: Can dig her nails into someone and release a pain similar to burning

Likes: Fire, adventuring, art, her guitar, her friends, and her pet
Dislikes: Losing, pink (too bright), backstabbers, dance clubs (everyone is all over each other in just a way that makes April immediately go 'no')

Personality: April is known to be hyper and very friendly. She is like this with anyone she just met so expect to be treated as a friend quickly. Sometimes she's blunt when she doesn't mean to be and gets upset by things that offend her. She can also be stubborn and hard on forgiving others depending on the action. Sometimes her attention is diverted onto the things she likes. She'll really only be paying attention if the subject interests her or it's a friend. She likes to do her best and master her skills, though sometimes she needs some determination.

History: April was the only child in a family trying to seem like they were loaded with money. Because of this they neglected her, leaving her alone with her grandparents to do things themselves. Though she had her grandparents and even developed a close relationship with them because of this she was lonely and unhappy when her parents came back. They made her feel special and loved like she should be. Years went by and April kept the true her to herself and her grandparents before her parents decided custody of her should go to the grandparents. They realized how unhappy April was and though they didn't try to change themselves to make her happy like she would have wanted, she was content with the thought they did want her happy anyway.

At 10 years old she began her life with her grandparents and slowly became more happy with herself and lively. Her grandparents lived on a farm so there was a lot of space for her to run around. April didn't attend school for long since she was being bullied and refused to go back to the point where she ran away before her father found her. Her grandfather home schooled her, teaching her the basic things he learnt in school and the balance between humans and demons. He knew his lessons weren't enough for her. He didn't want her to become anti-social or make the wrong friends.

As she got older, she learnt some things on her own but her grandfather already had a plan for her. He has heard of Monochromatic Academy, a place he knew she would be taught things and hopefully find friends. He sent her away at 16 where she has been for two happy years. Though most of her friends have left, she still has some of the old ones and room for some new ones. Now she's ready again for another delightful year!

Additional Info:
-She has a black and white fox, Soul. Soul likes to stay in the dorm room and comes out very rarely.
-She craves family that she has neglected of as a child. She's likely to pick anyone depending to be part of it.
-Keeps an iPod with her. Whether she is listening to music or not is unknown.
-She can be quick to like and hate someone
-Visits her family sometimes to try and rekindle the relationship

-Physical Training
-Swim Class


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