Izzy Picture

My submission for the Darkstalkers Embrace The Dark character design contest. She won 4th place!

CHARACTER NAME: Isadora (Izzy)



Isadora appears as a young girl with black skin, blonde pigtails, and face paint that resembles a skull. She wears a frilly red, white, and green skirt with a matching top and striped stockings. She also wears red roses in her hair.

Isadora fights by attacking her opponents with various parts of her skeleton. To accomplish this, she breaks open different areas of her skin to allow the bones to come through. The bones can change size and be controlled freely.

The only daughter of a wealthy Mexican family and heiress to a vast fortune, Isadora was a young girl whose parents doted on her because of her kind heart and selfless nature. On Isadora's Quinceanera, they spared no expense in making the party especially lavish and turned it into a highly publicized affair. Having heard the announcement, a group of gangsters crashed the party and shot up the place, robbing everything of value and killing Isadora in the process. Stricken with immense grief, her parents made the irrational decision to enlist the services of an occult specialist to perform a ritual in hopes of reviving their deceased daughter. Although her spirit was successfully summoned, the black magic used in the ceremony tainted her soul with evil. Before the specialist could return her soul to the spirit world, it escaped into the world shrieking. Now the spirit of Isadora wanders the country, bringing misfortune to those it crosses paths with.

Isadora's appearance is based on "La Calavera Catrina", a symbolic ghost figure used to represent the Mexican holiday "Dia de los Muertos." This holiday exists to honor and commemorate deceased family members. Isadora's attire is loosely modeled after a Quinceanera dress, though it is much less traditional. Her outfit is decorated with skulls, which are intended to be reminiscent of the sugar skulls traditionally given to children on the "Dia de los Muertos."
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