CDR Application Each Picture

Oh my goodness! My sorry arse actually made it in?! THANK YOU SO MUCH ALL YOU BEAUTIFUL AND LOVELY MODS!
ANYONE AND EVERYONE! Feel free to let me know if you want to play with my little Kelpie girl! Any RP request is welcome! Expect to see much, much more of this skitty little girl in the very near future. ENJOY! <3

Sorry for spamming watchers with the same app sheet twice, but I was unable to simply edit the last one because the image file I was changing it to was different, so had to make a new submission. =w=;
Extra special thanks go to my dear ~VelkynKarma for putting up with my incompetence these last few days and making the spiffingly fancy flashy stuff on this. I will forever be massaging your shoulders in thanks, my darling sweetness! <3

[EDIT -24th Aug] Buddies Starr and Karma scared me with their amazing apps, so I decided to add a little more into Each's personality. I also added in a little about the man who helps maintain Each, as I realised before that there is no mention of anyone making sure she's restrained fully before her shows (a beast can't restrain itself after all = w =; ) So I included a mention of Albert, a character I aim to work in promoting to Secondary should I get in to the group and start building points for! Italicised text is his own history, and shouldn't really be counted as Each's history. ^ 3 ^

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