Thou shalt achieve great things... Picture

Own characters from my dojinshi:
On the left: Drakon, Lilith's second son, the forefather of the vampires and the king of the demons. He created a place where the demons were save and where humans could't harm them - also because his father was a human, too, and he had to kill his father with his own hands.
Above him: the bronze dragon A'tum who inspired Lilith to name his second son "Drakon". It's told that the dragon ate children and drank their blood to become immortal. However: he lost a bet with Lilith and lost his immortal soul to her, making her the first demon, and killed himself.
On the right; Cernunnos, a celtic god, who's is always rebirthed. He chose blindness and hard meditation to be able to hear the voice of fate. He's willing to tell the fate to anyone who visits him, but just once. He's neutral with whom is coming and doesn't whitewash anything. "The fate does not know names, nor friend or foes. The fate arrives, for each living being, inexorable, for it outranks the life's circle we've created."
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