Blodeuwedd Picture

Drawn whilst I was on holiday; this is made with paper and a humble biro ball point. The red bit is where the dog bled on it because he got stung on the muzzle by a bee and then came to me for a cuddle. As he is the size of a small horse you have to stop what you are doing and obey.

This is a picture of Blodeuwedd, the welsh fairy-woman. She was made from the flowers of broom, meadowsweet and the oak by Math ap Mathonwy and Gwydion to be the wife of Lleu Llau Gyffes because Lleu was under a curse never to have a human wife. She didn't get much say in the matter.

She chooses her own lover and has an affair. They plot to kill her husband who "can not be killed indoors or outdoors, on horseback or on foot; and can be killed only by a spear forged when people are attending mass. Consequently he can only be killed whilst he had one foot on a bathtub and one on a goat (the bathtub being placed on a river bank but under a roof) and by someone using a weapon created as specified." (from wikipedia)

So she tricks him into the strange bathing pose and her lover tries his best to kill him but Lleu turns into an eagle instead. This has probably got a lot to do with having a goddess for a mother, cranky though she is. Nevertheless, Uncle Gwydion comes to the rescue, finds his nephew and cures him. He turns Blodeuwedd into an owl.

My picture sees me continue her adventures and I have turned her back into human form. She has power over the owl spirits and is just a little bit angry. It's probably best not to mess with her....

You can read her story in The Mabinogion [link] - a translation of old tales which were written down by monks in the Middle Ages, hence the strange intrusions of Christian elements into a pagan milieu.

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edit: why am I suddenly thinking it's like a Welsh version of Kill Bill? What a great film that would make!
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