The Eldest Picture

'The Eldest daughter looked upon Humanity and fell even deeper in infatuation with them. She smiled down softly on them, on their buildings and progress, like a patronizing mother on a helpless, pitiful child. She decided to go among the people and meet them, and rule over them.

'Oh look upon these people,' she turned to her sister and exclaimed, 'they've come so far, but die so quickly! They are surely far below our people when they were in existence! We must help them!'

Before her sister could object, she clasped her hands together and gazed back upon the world.

'We'll be teachers!' she sighed happily, 'It will be glorious! I will teach of gathering and take place as guardian of crops. I will send sweet dreams and happiness and health, and I will give them sight!'

The youngest tried to protest, but the eldest sister had already decided. She was firm to set out and fix what wasn't broken, not thinking she may destroy what was.'

What? THEY HAVE FACES!? OMG!!!! Haha, I really like this, it turned out very much like I wanted.

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Art, characters and story belongs to me.
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