Digimon - Mizuki's partner Picture

Kaelomon, the one in the bottom-left corner, is my original digimon. He is Mizuki Tadika(my OC tamer)'s partner.

Kaelomon is very relaxed and sometimes lazy, but has his moments where he is (or at least sounds like) very smart and active. He takes joys in the simple things, like star-gazing, sleeping, and food, which is why him and Mizuki get along so well. (and yet not at the same time, hahaha)

The egg's shell feels like over-dried leather and the black stitching holding it together feels like tooth-floss, while the beads feel like the finest pearls from the bottom of the sea.

When the digiegg hatches, it becomes a very common infant-level digimon, Botamon.

Then Botamon evolves into an In-Training form called Lomon. (pronounced, "low-mon"). Lomon has a beige mask covering it's face (that resembles old japanese mythology Noh masks), and the mask has turquois pearls imbeaded into it. Lomon's skin is ash-colored and feels like warmed leather in texture. Lomon has bandages covering it's lower-half, only showing a small portion of its tail tip. Lomon is about a half a foot tall and about a foot and a half long.

The next form is Kaelomon, a Rookie form pronounced "Cale-oh-mon". Kaelomon has ash-colored skin that feels like warmed leather, and bandages that cover its head (from hairline down), neck, upper-chest, shoulders, and the majority of it's right arm. Kaelomon has a mask covering the majority of it;s face, with turquise markings on it. Kaelomon's right arm looks much like a prayingmantis arm, while the other looks like a normal human arm. Kaelomon wears a pleated, layered skirt that is beige and grey, and has turquise beads lining the waist. While Kaelomon's body from torso up looks like a human's (for the most part), it's lower body looks much like a snake's (but has no scales). There are turquise beads wrapped messily around the end of it's tail. Kaelomon is about 4 feet tall.

Kaelomon evolves into Teramon, it's Champion form. Teramon has the same ash-colored, warmed-leather skin. Teramon now has long, silky beige hair instead of anteane-like ears on the top of the head (which are now on the side of the head, long and pointed). Ontop of the head is a small golden crown on a turquise pillow that is held in place (a little to the right side) by a series of turquiose beads. Teramon no longer wears a mask, but still has bandages covering his eyes. His mouth is also stitched up (it goes from ear to ear), but is slightly loose over the lips themselves so that he can speak. Teramon wears a sleeveless, satin, chinese-styled dress that has a turquoise tigerlily at the upper-left and lower-right corner, and a slit that comes to high-thigh. Kaelomon has bandages covering its biceps, and at the elbows bead bracelets it differenceates (left continues beads all the way to the fingers, while right is just the beads at the elbow, which serve as lining for a sleevelet that matches the dress). The left arm is huminoid while the right is normal until the wrist, which is where theres a large sickle-like part with beads intertwined. Yet again, its lower body is like a scaleless snake. Teramon is around 7 feet tall. when up on his tail.
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