The High Priestess Picture

9×12 pastel on Sennellier la carte paper

Since I did a Guinevere Empress, I had to of course do a Morgan Le Fay High Priestess!
Morgan Le Fay is a very popular figure today, and yet she is rather obscure in Literature. Originally written about as a great healer and shamaness. In later literature she became a rather wicked enchantress who of course had a hand in the destruction of Camelot.
She is the half-sister of King Arthur, and thought to be half faery. Although many are unsure if the Fay in her names actually means Faery or comes from the Latin Fata (which means fate).
She is also guessed to have evolved from the earlier Morrigan triple goddess. This is what gives her her “dark goddess” connection. Morgan Le Fay was the High Priestess of the mystical island of Avalon. Avalon represents the Underworld, or Otherworld. The dark goddess often rules over the Otherworld, for it represents our sub-conscious mind. It is the place we ignore, but is always there with us. It is like our shadow-self. When we journey beyond the veil into the darkness, we bring back great wisdom and evolve into greater spiritual beings more aware of our true nature.
This was the job of the high priestess in ancient times. She journeyed to the Otherworld and came back with the messages for the people from the Goddess. The High Priestess represents our Intuition and our ability to journey into the realm of the Otherworld to bring back “the Law”, or the wisdom of our shadow-self.
The apple is a stong symbol of Avalon. Often the pomegrante is pictured on High Priestess cards, and the apple holds the same symbolism here. It is the mystical fruit of the Otherworld that we seek in order to gain wisdom.
Morgan Le Fay also has a strong connection to water, as water also represents the feminine consciousness and the sub-conscious realm.
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