Reshi - The Glade Walker - Original Character Picture


The Glade is a place enshrouded in mystery and wonder, keeping children mindful of what happens to those that misbehave. For Reshi though, something unexpected happened; Instead of fear, he found a misplaced sense of hope to see such a place. This took him on a journey across all of Runeterra, hunting the tail wind of myth and legend which whispered through bars and resided in archives. For ages he strode to each horizon, taking him to and fro in the fruitless search for the fabled Glade. Its only by poor sods fortune that he stumbled into the place.

To Reshi it was every bit as insane and nonsensical as he both hoped, and in turn, dreaded. The ways of the world, the rules Reshi had come to understand as law, meant little here. Colour, size, and even the shape of the place warped with each passing breath. But for Reshi, every day spent there shone light on another buried secret, foraging for them in the depths of the tangled undergrowth. The Glade however was not often kind to normal folk, let alone those that come uninvited. So the Glade began to let her magics seep into Reshi, changing him; imparting the gift of the Glade, and taking its due. Making him every much a part of the Glade as the Glade now a part of him.

Even time found no haven from the effects of the strange and wondrous place. When Reshi left, the world he returned to had changed. His friends and family gone; the world an echo of what Reshi once knew. Reshi gleamed all that he could from travelers until he heard of the League of Legends. With hope in his heart, Reshi set off on his next journey for the League of legends.

'You don’t quite understand the glade until you see your first pack of rabbits nuzzle some poor thing to death… with frightening speed.' - Reshi


I spent so long on this piece. I’ve no idea why but god damn I am PROUD of this one. Also this is the first post I've made over here on DA in a long ol' time. It's probably a little jarring how much I've improved heh.

Anyway, this one took me a hella long time, 5 days in fact. But boy was it worth it. Reshi is my creation and I am damn proud of him ;v;

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