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You see, my most beloved PJatO-OCs are none of the previously presented. It's the kids of the canon-characters.
I'm a total sucker for family-trees, thus I love creating kids. Mixing appearance and behavior of the canon-characters, wondering how they would turn out if raised in that world and by those characters.
And after I finally got to use them exactly the way I had created them for, I wanted to draw them together.

So here is a little introduction to my OC kids of the PJatO heroes! Starting from left to right.

Bianca Maria di Angelo, Daughter of Percy and Nico di Angelo
She would be seventeen on this picture. Shortly after she had joined the Hunters of Artemis.
She has the pitch-black eyes, olive-colored skin and curly, black hair of the di Angelos. Which is why Nico wanted to name her after his sister and mother.
She is pretty powerful, having not only control over death but also over wealth - both aspects of her grandfather Hades. That's why her dress is adored with sapphires, rubies and emeralds. Though with her, it's more of a blessing-kind and not a curse like her aunt Hazel's. Because Hades knew that his brother Zeus would be after those kids, so he thought she could use the extra-power to survive.
Bia is not very much into fighting. She's more of the prankster-kind. Though that is mostly thanks to her best friend Cally - the caughter of Clarisse and Chris. The two of them always managed to get into much trouble. But with Percy and Nico having quite a few other kids to look after and Chris being rather proud of the pranking and Clarisse being busy at Camp Half-Blood (I'll explain that in Cally's part), the two of them mostly had their auntie Thalia scolding them. Since most their pranks took place on Olympus.
So once they hit their teenage-age, the two inseparable best friends decided to join the hunt. Their siblings were fine on their own and so were their parents. The two wanted their own lives. And being huntresses at least gave Bia some extra protection from Zeus' wrath.
It was especially hard for Nico to let her go, since it reminded him painfully of how Bianca had joined the huntresses all those years ago and then died within a way too short time. A good thing that Bia has Cally watching her back then.
Bia loves her parents very dearly - and her siblings. She has six siblings - Hades Poseidon (look a bit further down for a detailed description), the twins Sally Persephone and Theseus Paul (also called Percy and Thess, fourteen years old in this timeline, she has the powers of Hades [though wealth, not death] and he has the powers of Poseidon), the twins James Charles and Laura Silena (also called Jimmy and Silly, nine years old here, he has the powers of Hades and she has the powers of Poseidon) and the youngest di Angelo kid, Jackson Tyson (called Jack, five years old and a total miniature Percy).
As to "how are Nico's and Percy's kids even possible?" - my standard-fanfiction-explanation: Percy is a child of the sea and the sea is a symbol of fertility, bringing forth all life. So all children of the sea - regardless of their gender - can get pregnant. I think that fits canon. And with canon, I mean Greek mythology. I mean, throwing Uranus' dick into the sea was how Aphrodite got born. Then mpreg is not that far-fetched, I think.

Calandra Rodriguez, Daughter of Clarisse and Chris Rodriguez
Or Calandra, for short. She has the fighting instincts of Ares and the mischievous mind of Hermes. A very bad combination. She has her father's black hair and dark eyes. And she would be seventeen in this picture.
In my world, Clarisse works at Camp Half-Blood as a trainer. Since camp is growing ever since all gods have to claim their kids. I'm sure Chiron can use the extra-help. And since in my world there is New Athens - the Greek counterpart to New Rome that is placed on an island not far from CHB and is magically protected by the mist and the spells of Hecate and her children - they are neighbors with Percy and Nico.
So their kids are very close. In fact, Cally and Bia had always felt more like sisters. They had always done everything together. From pranking the gods to teasing their brothers. So it was inevitable that once Bia decided to join the hunters, Cally would do the same.
Clarisse is proud of her daughter for fighting strong and Chris is glad he doesn't have to fight off suitors for her.
She has two siblings - her twin-brother Chrysander (see further below for a detailed desripction) and a younger sister named Charisma (Carry for short, ten years old and a total Ares brat).

Theadora Tiphane McLean, Daughter of Annabeth and Piper McLean
Now I'll put the "How is she possible?" first. Since Annabeth had been born from a thought, I figured that... Well, you neither need a vagina nor a penis for that. So who says that Athena can't have children with women too? And if so, why shouldn't her children inherit this ability too?
So here she is - the born-from-a-thought daughter of my second most favorite PJatO-pairing!
Her name is a wink to Rick's way of naming some of his characters. With Annabeth having the letters of her mother's name rearranged plus a few more and Clarisse having the letters of her father's name rearranged plus a few more. But if I do something, I do it properly. So Theadora Tiphane is an anagram of Aphrodite and Athena. All letters used, none added.
Anyway, Thea has the native American looks of Piper but the intelligent, storm-gray eyes of Annabeth. And since I love to draw Piper with blue streaks in her hair, I figured Thea would do the same after going through her mothers' old photo books.
She's eighteen in this - the oldest of their group.
She is a total legacy of Athena. Only the brains, though some would argue her beauty is a sign from her other grandmother. But she can't charmspeak and had never magically been prettied up so she claims to be Athena-only.
Most of her free time is spend on Daedalus' laptop which she loves to steal from her mom. Well, until Annabeth has had enough and gives it to her.
Being the daughter of the major of New Athens (c'mon, who else would be fit to be major of such a city aside from Annabeth?), she's often called the princess of it.
Oddly enough, she's not very good with girls. With her being kind of nerdy, most others try to stay away from her. The only girls she really gets along with are Cally and Bia, but even there she doesn't really fit. Because she can't understand how they would just give something like love up for eternity. So yeah, perhaps Herc is at fault for that thinking since she is very much in love with the son of Reyna and Jason. And she had never made that a secret. Sadly enough, he is a little dense when it comes to that...
But at least she has her best friend - Don - to help her through this hardship. She and the son of Percy and Nico do everything together. Which makes Percy and Annabeth always a bit nostalgic but also very proud. They're just hoping their kids don't get into as much trouble as they had when they were their age...
Thea is the oldest of four kids. And having three little brothers kind of isn't helping with her 'can't get along with girls'-issues... Her younger brothers are Lucas Thomas (aka Luke, fifteen years and a very cunning charmspeaker), Tristan Frederick (called Fred, eleven years old and a little brainiac) and Matthew Robert (or Matt, seven years and a total pretty boy heir of Aphrodite).

Hades Poseidon di Angelo, Son of Percy and Nico di Angelo
Bia's younger brother. With the olive-colored skin and the curly hair of Nico and the sea-green eyes of Percy.
He is ten months younger than Bia, having been consumed practically right after her birth. Which would make him sixteen here.
He has the powers of both his godly grandparents - controlling the sea and the death. Which makes him especially dangerous. Well, it would make him dangerous if he would use his powers in that kind of way.
But he mainly sits down to talk with ghosts or fishes or horses. He has a great love for animals. Which fits perfectly together with Persephone's blessing - his step-grandmother had blessed him after his birth as a sign of protection when Zeus had threatened to kill him. This blessing shows in the form of butterflies or other creatures of spring that warn him if something dangerous lays ahead. It was meant to show Zeus against what exactly he's trying to fight there. The union of the sea and the underworld. Which made Zeus realize that in every other war before, he had stood with Poseidon against Hades. But with both his brothers united, he wouldn't stand a chance. So he's up on Olympus and pouts about it.
Anyway, Donny - as he is called since really now, he hates his name (but his parents chose it to show their gratitude towards their fathers for defending the children) - talks to ghosts, horses, fishes, butterflies and some other small pretty creatures. Which earned him the nickname "Disney Princess" from Sander.
He's very peaceful and tries to keep out of every fight. He's also easily frightened (the first time he had accidentally summonded a ghost, he had cried in Percy's arms for hours). He hates new things and wants everything to stay the way it is because he doesn't trust change. When he was little, he always clinged to his mom (not that Percy minded). Since he is so soft, he doesn't really know how to handle all those fighting and rough demi-gods at camp. So yeah, he's really not good at making friends, contrary to his mother. He mostly sticks with his best friend Thea, who with her Athena-genes always protects him. Or he tries to hide behind his big sister.
He's also very self-conscious. Demi-gods and legacy-children alike look at him weird for talking to so many things which wouldn't respond to others. They try to stay away from him, mostly because he is so incredibly powerful and they fear to anger him. But also because his mother is the most powerful demi-god alive and they don't want to anger Percy. Donny though interprets that as him being a freak and the others don't liking him.
So he tries to not spend much time at CHB because he's feeling like an outsider there. At least whenever his friends aren't close. He retreats after his sister joins the hunters since that takes two of the five only people he can really rely on away from him. Since Herc is most of the time in New Rome and Camp Jupiter, it's up to Sander and Thea to try and coax him back out of his shell.
If only the little oblivious moron would finally realize that no one had been hitting on him yet because 1.) he's frighteningly powerful, 2) his parents and grandfathers are frighteningly powerful and 3) Sander was ready to break everyone's nose who would dare to lay a hand on him.
Oh, and he's wearing a slized blue shirt over his camp shirt because, well, like I said, he's not very comfortable at camp so he's not all that proud to wear it.

Chrysander Rodriguez, Son of Clarisse and Chris Rodriguez
Sander is Cally's twin-brother, but he got his looks from their mother - brown hair and brown eyes. He's a full trickster, thief and prankster, unlike his sister. He didn't get much Ares.
He is the leader of the Hermes-cabin since he is a pretty clever trickster and already accomplished quite a few quests.
His best friend is the son of Reyna and Jason - even though they don't get to see each other as often as they'd wish for since they visit different camps. But together they're unbeatable.
He loves his twin-sister very much, but he doesn't hold it against her when she joins the hunters. Perhaps because he is a very social guy, unlike Donny, and has many friends at camp while Donny only has him and Thea.
It annoys him beyond belief that Donny doesn't realize how special he is. Because to him, Donny is the most special thing in the world (since Donny is equal to Fabi in "Part Of Your World"). He's very, very, very much in love with Donny, but doesn't really know how to cope with that because the other boy is so oblivious...

Hercules Grace, Son of Reyna and Jason Grace
Herc looks like a miniature Jason - that's what Percy always calls him at least. Since he also inherited Jason's powers, that is quite a startling thing for the Romans.
Which only means there is more pressure on him. Everybody knows his father and everyone who looks at him now expects him to do as great as the wonderful Jason Grace. That his parents had named him after the biggest hero of the ancient times doesn't help that pressure much.
So he rebels. He's a lazy ass. He could have easily become praetor, but he declined. He tries to stay out of quests or anything else that may lead to recognition because that would only prove the others right and make them expect even more from him. That's why he loves to flee from Camp Jupiter, he tries to spend as many summers as possible at Camp Half-Blood, which makes him kind of the first Roman who really frequents both camps.
Sander is his best friend and really, he couldn't wish for a better friend than the prankster. Because Sander never expected him to do great and is never put down when Herc declines a quest (even though Herc did go on a few quests if it meant he could help his friends).
He likes Bia and Cally alright, but the two had always separated themselves a bit from the others. So all that really, really matters to Herc are his three Greeks - Sander, Donny and Thea.
He loves Donny like an adorable little brother since he can relate to the pressure on the boy. Both of them have the powers of the Big Three which makes others fear them. Though Herc is kind of sad that Donny is so bad at handling it...
Sander is his best friend. So it's Herc's duty to tease the Greek whenever he gets the chance to. Even though he actually has no right to do so since he himself is more than awkward when it comes to love. Because he is head-over-heels in love with Thea. And he's the only one who hasn't noticed yet...
Herc has two younger siblings - Thalia Hylla (shortened to Thyl, she's fifteen years old, has the powers of both, Jupiter and Bellona and can handle that pressure way better than her brother which led to her becoming praetor of Camp Jupiter together with the daughter of Hazel and Frank) and Jupiter Perseus (JP, because really, how else is the kid supposed to handle that name? He's ten years old, a total legacy of Bellona and had been dating Carry Rodriguez since they were eight [yes, he's not as oblivious and awkward as his stupid big brother!]).

I really like how the picture turned out - especially Thea and Donny. They look as awesome as I picture them!
I'm thinking of drawing group-pictures of their younger siblings too - one of Percy and Thess di Angelo, Thyl Grace, Luke McLean and Sammy Zhang. And one of Silly and Jimmy di Angelo, JP Grace, Milly Zhang, Carry Rodriguez and Fred McLean. Mh, perhaps if I find the time for that...

I've used Cally and Sander already in Part Of Your World (where I modelled Atti and Fabi to be just like Bia and Don since I've had Bia and Don created quite a while back and love them). Herc, Sander, Cally and Thea are also part of Coming Home, though that was written before I had the genius-idea of how Thea can be born (though Octavian/Percy's kids are not designed to be like Bia and Don - they're quite different in their behavior). Bia and Don had their first appearance in Chasing Dragonflies.
And all of them were together for the first time in Chasing Butterflies, where they finally got to be just exactly how I had intended them to be. If you go with that story, this picture would be set five years after it.

all these characters (C) Moonlight Firefox / Peace Phoenix
all their parents (C) Rick Riordan
all their godly grandparents (C) the Old Greeks
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