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BEFORE ANYTHING: I created these without looking at any references or anything similar in the MLP world, fan or canon. So don't tell me I'm plagiarizing, because it just didn't happen. I'm far too lazy to go looking things up like that.

SO. I've made my own fan...race of ponies for MLP:FIM. They are basically aquatic shadows of the ponies we already know and love; earth ponies, pegasus ponies, and unicorns. ^_^ Originally I wanted to call them "Sea Ponies" but I found out that there's actually a line of toys in the MLP franchise called that.

Aquinies come in three forms: The basic (the Aquiny), the pegasus form (called Pinnaqui), and the unicorn form (called Shellhorns).

No type of Aquiny have back legs. They only have front legs, and they are often longer and more slender than their earth pony counterparts. They do however, all possess two back fins. The fins on an Aquiny...there are many. First, there are the fins I've just mentioned, which vary in length and size (just like all the fins), the fins above the ears (the ear, if you'll look closely, is actually just a tiny indentation that looks sort of like a parenthesis or a smilie face without eyes), the fins on their backs (more about these in a moment), and the fin at the end of their tail. The fin at the end of their tail can come in many, many shapes and sizes; it could resemble the other fins on its body, or it could be a dolphin-styled fin, or a shark, or a fish...whatever you want really, as long as there is a long, tapered tail leading to it. Nopony under the ocean has a stubby tail. Nopony.

Now, the ridge fins--the fins on their back. They replace hair. Nopony under the sea who is an Aquiny of any sort has hair. It just doesn't happen. So, treat the ridges like hair--you can style them backwards, forwards, low to the body or spiked straight up. They can be any color, of course. Be creative! Maybe the fins bend to one side, though I'm sure that would be problematic to swimming. Maybe they have two rows of fins going down their back--though I wouldn't recommend any more than that.

The cutie marks of Aquinies and their subgroups are not on the flanks, as there isn't a whole lot of space to work with. Instead, their cutie marks appear sideways, and on either side of their ridge fins, on their back. Note the heart on this character. She has another on the other side of that ridge.

The fins are all semi-transparent, and there is no exception to this. However, they don't have to be one solid color. If you notice, I've tried to use different colors to show which fins are where--the feet fins and ear fins are of the same color, while the ridge fin is different.

Because they live underwater, they have a small, clear lens over their eye that protects from the salt and whatnot. So their eyes are a bit shinier, or should I say glassier, than normal x3

I don't recall if I mentioned that these ponies don't have noses. This is because they breathe using three gills on either side of their necks(so a total of six; no more or less than three on each side). This being said, they can't really leave the water; wherever they live, a lake, ocean, whatever. It would be like pulling a fish out of a pond and leaving it in the open air. They won't last more than a few minutes.

Onto the subgroups:

Shellhorn(s) -- These ponies can channel magic, just like unicorns. However, none of them have straight horns--they all have the winding, rounded, twisted horns as shown above. Hence the name "shellhorn", as their horns are somewhat similar to some kinds of shells. Be careful when deciding what exactly one needs magic for, because things work differently underwater. Fire magic would be absolutely useless, for example, and showboating like what Trixie does would have to be accomplished in a completely different manner.

Pinnaqui(s) -- These ponies have two extra fins. They can't fly, but they can give a little extra boost to these underwater ponies--they're great for racing, quick maneuvers, and leaping high out of the water. Sometimes a cutie mark might be hidden by them, but usually the cutie mark is high enough to be visible. I just...did a really bad job of placing that heart xDD

WELL I think that's it, and that's certainly all I'm going to write about. If you have any questions, please comment below, and if you decide to use my design, link me to it! Because I wanna see *w*

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is NOT mine.
The overall designs were made by me, but inspired by timeless mythology, and so credit is appreciated. Though the idea comes from the hippocampus, I do wish people would credit me with the unique designs that I put up, especially the names.
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