Game of Thrones fanmade Island(s) Picture

Fanmade what?
Yes, I've made an Island (islands actually)
I woke up this morning thinking about GoT, what would my house be? Where would my house be? And I came up with this idea: An island for my fanmade family, with my fandmade towns and people and cool places, why not?
So, welcome to my peaceful (not so much, don't tease the local Lords, please) Silver Islands (thanks to… for the actual picture).
They're called Silver Islands because the sand of their shores is silverish; their economy is based on fish, of course, oysters, pearls and high quality armors.
The Islands were ruled by a monarchy which decayed, leaving the domain to an Ardtiarna and a Mhuire (from the Irish "Overlord" and "Lady"), who are direct descendants of those who were kings and queens and therefore the principal noble house of the Islands.
The ruling family (name is yet to decide, along with its sigil and motto), lives divided, in fact the old Ardtiarna and his wife, are living in Castle New… , which is meant to be a retirement home, the nobles of the Silver Islands decide to go there and they can choose to continue to run the country and the other things or not.
Castle New is just for the Ardtiarna and the Mhuire and very few servants or relatives who're asked to be by their side, the access is denied to anyone who's not specifically invited.
The Maighdean Mhara… ("maid of the sea" in Scottish Mythology), is the old castle that was once home of the kings and the queens of the Islands, and is now home of the Ruler's heir, a young girl, her sister and other lords and ladies of the country, along with servants and other people of the "court".
The noble families have a secret language (name yet to decide, it sounds like Gaelic btw) that can't be taught to anyone else, which is used to communicate with the creatures that inhabit the sea around the Islands (such as mermaids and sea monsters), creatures believed to make the country safe and secure.
A legend says that (a lot of) years ago, the First Queen (called like this because she was the first to introduce the secret language), was able to help her husband to win a war by assembling a fleet of sunken ships and to use the sailors who died in them as warriors. But this is just a legend.
The actual
Ardtiarna (grandfather of the Girl-Heir) was an ally of the Targaryen family and, lost the battle (before Robert Baratheon took the crown), he and his remaining army, returned to their home, swearing to never take part in another war (this is why they're not fighting directly in the actual war), even thought the member of House Manderly of White Harbor, with which they are affiliated, decided to join the Starks.

Habits and Typical Things:
There are no slaves, just servants who must be paid with money, food, clothes or housing.
Women always wear braided hair, not having even a small braid, means that the woman is in mourning; servants must have two braids.
Also, is not unusual for women to wear pants (tight trousers), even under the long skirts or the dresses.
The surname for the bastards is Salt.

The towns:
Pearl Beacon (not technically a town) is called like that because around where it is, are used to grow a lot of oysters, some of which give the pearls who are part of the local economy and pride.

Salt Harbor is literally an island harbor (even if it's not an island, In fact, there is a strip of land, not too wide, which connects to the rest of the main island.

Maidenwell and The Citadel are the main cities and in Maidenwell there's a nursing school.

Queensand is the town where the First Queen is believed to gather the sunken ship fleet.

Abay (the name comes from Abaia , one of the sea monsters who is believed to live in the sea near the Islands), baia in Italian also means bay, and that's why I made it like this), its a nice place where the water is really clear, that's the right place to go swimming.

Armor's Edge is the blacksmiths town, as the name suggests, there is where the fine armors are made.

Kelp is where the mermaids are mostly seen, the waters around it are full of kelp forests, who are actually pretty dangerous for the people who dare to swim there.

Red Meadow takes its name from the poppy fields around the town, the use of poppies to brew tea or else is illegal, since it may be deadly. Poppies were the favouire flowers of the First Queen and it is also the favourite town of the Heir' sister.

Sibyl's Peak, the place is dotted with caves that used to be the space where sybils had visions, it was common to go to the sybils for consulence but it's been a long time since the caves were inhabited.

The Mouth is used as a military camp, where boys are trained and learn the art of war.

Moaning Hold… is the prison, surrounded by sharp rocks on which are chained the prisoners who have killed other inmates or tried to escape.

The Last Island, as the name suggests, is the last island you'll ever see. It is the cemetery, used only for the criminals who are not worthy of being buried on the main island.

Special thanks to my sister, who listened to me as I went on and on with this stuff, and the people who made the islands, the castles and the map, thank you so much!

I hope that these things haven't bored you (and please, don't hit me with a GoT book xD).

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