Loki Mask Day/Night 2 Picture

There is part two of the story Loki Mask Day / Night. shade-shadow007 helped me to English grammar !
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Nick was thinking of returning the package to Rebecca, but first he was curious about what's in that box. He takes the box to his room and places the package on his desk. Nick unwraps the package and finds a mask and a mythology book.
Put the mask on the bed and began to read what was written in it.
Nick: "Norse Mythology of Loki Mask"
Nick begins to read the book and learns more about how to use the mask, although they are only stories.
Nick: Who wears the mask becomes a kind of god. Sounds good! I want try the mask!
Nick goes mask getting closer to his face until it reaches the front, and suddenly it happens.....NOTHING!
Nick: Bullshit!!!
He looked more closely at the mask and sees a small text written on the mask. But it is too small to read. Nick then pulls out a magnifying glass and read aloud.
Nick: "The mask can only be used on a girl"
It also said something but he didn't care. He was angry until he thought maybe it would be a useful mask.
Nick: Tomorrow night is a party, there will be presents to be given out and I can give Kate the mask to wear and I say command her what do with mask, she will love me.
Meanwhile Rebecca is waiting for package from the museum!
Next Day (Time: 19:05, Location: Party)

Nick comes to the party with the mask hidden. He is looking for Kate, but he can’t find her.
Blond girl: Hey Nick! How are you?
Nick: Fine, thanks!
The Blonde girl is 17 years old and was a classmate of his, a girl with long blond hair who is very sociable, her name is Jane Smith!
Jane: Looking for someone?
Nick: Uhhh, yeah!
Jane: Who?
Nick: Kate, have you seen her?
Jane: Yes I have, she’s behind the house.
Nick: Thanks Jane!
Nick goes behind the house where he sees Kate, he is thinking about how to tell her to put on the mask! Gets up the courage and goes to her and says!
Nick: Hi! You want to wear this mask?
After he said, he realized that not so begins a conversation with a girl... But it is too late!
Kate: You're a freak, why would I want to wear your mask, it's ugly and old!
Nick: But you don't understand, the mask gives you special powers!
Kate: you’re not serious? Are you?
Kate take the mask and throws it into a nearby Jacuzzi.
Nick: NO!!!

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