Obsidia Concept Art Picture

The Obsidia

The Obsidia are a people of legend although the term “people” can be used loosely as there is no indication of there ever being an actual nation for the Obsidia. They are a mythological race, although a figure of mythology that appears throughout the ages, in all cultures and empire and records of Obsidia are mentioned in relics that predate even written language. Cave paintings depicting a winged female creature with a rod like weapon and horned helms have been found through out the land indicating sightings of the obsidia. Not only are the Obsidia figures that are found in all cultures, bu they play significant and similar roles in religion as heralds for supreme gods, bringing doom as well as prophecies of new beginnings to the land. Great heroes often have an Obsidia giving them the grace of the gods to aid in their quest. Obsidia are seen in etchings depicting great treaties, fall of empires, rise of nations..... and yet, no one has ever remembered seeing an Obsidia nor know where they come from, where they go, and what they truly look like.

Depictions are usually the same as the ancient ones with the figures always being female, wearing armor of some sort, having great wings that pulsating with a powerful energy, and carrying a staff of some sort. Nearly all are wearing some sort of horn helmed and all are said to speak for a god figure that oddly enough, has been positively correlated to always being male. All these oddities have been explained by countless theologists across the ages, each one from other religions trying to associate the Obsidia originally to their own religion. Despite the research and various papers written about the Obsidia, so little is truly known of these figures and why the cultural similarities are so prevelant even to the present day.

The symbol of the Obsidia can be found throughout the world and certain symbols of warning are found that lead to the deep places of the earth that no one returns from leading to many legends describing these deep tunnels as passages that lead to where some ancient enemy of the Obsidia might dwell or demons may live although all these rumors and stories are unproven and have no facts to honestly support them.

Thus the mystery of the Obsidia and what they were continues...


This is ALL you get for the concept of the Obsidia as 85% of their concept is spoilers for the story! So I went with giving concepts of how the people depict them in cave paintings of ancient time and more recent depictions in stain glass
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