Sekhmet Goddess Picture

This is just the start of my rendition on the goddess Hathor/Sekhmet. I wanted to do this becasue i recently got into horoscopes, although my love for egyptian mythology was always just below the surface, and then i read the most famous story for Hathor and i was inspired to do this. vicious fierce empowering, is what i was going for.

i'm actually acutely aware of the aestecticly right places for colors. in other words i've hit a road block for what i should color her. i wouldn't mind some help on that area, or else i'll just sucker away at it and hope it doesn't come out looking like someone threw up fruit loops all over her.

*edit* if you wish to color, just drop me a line. i surely don't mind, i'm not much of a color-er.
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