....Greek Mythology Picture

Heh.... since when was the last time I was here? Couple months... years maybe?

I like to say that I went on a grand adventure and discovered new places unknown to mankind before and that was the reason why I was gone again... for so long.

Truth be told... I'm just lazy. Meh... That and I tend to get wrapped up playing video games and doing homework.

Well, let's hope that I'll stop dissappearing all the time.

Let's see now... the picture...

We're studing some Greek Mythology right now (kudos to whoever can guess this character). And we also got a packet of questions. Well simply put, got bored and drew on the packet.

This isn't all that new either... I can see a few mistakes with the arm and wing and all but whatever. Was too lazy to add in an arrow. Yeah... Better stop rambling now...

Wow... you can see some of my questions from that packet on the back...
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