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Yes, another Dark Guardian. Get off me XP

Named after Persephone from Greek Mythology. Hey I liked the name XD

Persephone is a member of Mukot's line of Dark Guardians, and, besides Mukot's mother, she was the only female left in it. The reason?

Persephone is...the Guardian/Goddess of Lust. ...I kid you not.

The story goes like this. After Mukot and Serpent have grown up, Omega and his family meet up with other Dark Guardians that lived in the Void with them before the universe was born. Persephone was one of them. At that time, there were other females as well.

Persephone was ambitious. She had her way with pretty much every male there. Her control is absolute; the only ones she never tempted were Bolero, who teased her and managed to keep her satiated enough to leave him alone. ...The way he did it was by telling her he would only when he had taken Mukot's place. I'll explain that later. Anyway she left him alone, and he went to live in the center of the universe, turning it into his dark kingdom.

She tried tempting Omega and Serpent, and yes, Omega WHILE HE WAS MARRIED TO MEDULA X_X Both Omega and Serpent fell under her control, (i.e. their eyes started to glow) however both of them resisted and she grew bored with them, letting them go.

Sith is the one Guardian she could never tempt, or even get his eyes to glow. He was just...never interested XD

However, all the others, she's had her way with. Mukot was the one she was closest to. She grew jealous of the other female Guardians, and was angry at Omega for resisting her. Mukot told her he'd make her his queen.

Mukot imprisoned his father, chaining him to a wall, before killing Medula in front of them. He took control in this way, and he and Persephone drove away the other female Dark Guardians. Bolero was gone. Sith went to live on the edge of the void, and Omega was banished to live in a black hole, near Luzet, where Serpent would be banished to later.

So, Persephone has control of all of these males. She's in her element that's all I can say XD

She is the Guardian of Lust but she also affects things like fertility. She gains a level of control over the males she sleeps with, and can awaken it at any moment, using them how she wishes to. She can cause people to lust for anything, animate or inanimate. She's not about love, only lust.

...course in mine and Gem's RP she's gotten tired of it and wants to learn about love. ...hasn't changed her attitude much XD

She's very vain; she's ruthless towards women, but always tries to sweet talk and seduce the males she encounters.

Yeah...hope nobody hates me for making a character like this XD

Made her a black cat because black cats rule X3 And after making Sith one I wanted a female black cat. Persephone's name comes from Greek Mythology. Persephone became the wife of Hades, Lord of the Dead. ...obviously I only borrowed the name; didn't base anything on the Persephone from mythology lol XD

And for those who don't know, the name is pronounced, "Per-Seh-Fih-Nee" =3

Man she needs a better title than Guardian of Lust XD

Persephone belongs to me.

~ Halo
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