That boy is a Monster Picture

*excuse my Lady Gaga lyrics*

So yeaaahh...another rather nasty looking monster and normal looking girl.

In all honesty I really enjoyed drawing Taras (the scary looking one) he's actually a shape-shifting alien but can only take the form of a smaller looking human to disguise himself and live amongst humans.

I haven't even given his race a name yet ;_;

To regards the relationship between Taras and Ivy (girl) I haven't decided whether or not they will be a couple of close friends.

I think in this picture Taras is snarling at something much more frightening than him. I don't like Ivy at all in this I haven't completely developed her yet. That's probably why I feel her character design doesn't fit with Taras.

Taras is both a place name and name of Poseidon's son in Greek mythology
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