54. Osiris Picture

Osiris: Egyptian God of the Dead, The Afterlife, and Vegetation

100 Gods/Goddesses Challenge

Isn't it cool how so many deities are associated with vegetation, death, and rebirth? I know, it is.

The interesting thing about Osiris, to me, anyway, is how he's often identified with Jesus. Supposedly he's the 'only pagan god to be resurrect' (although I'm sure that's debatable) and I would suppose that they embodied similar values (or at least would seem to with the demonization of Set idk) Still, many people laugh at this comparison because the Christians and the Ancient Egyptians had vastly different interpretations of what it meant to come back to life. For the Christians it would seem fairly straight forward- one would be able to return to all sorts of fun human things like eating and drinking and enjoying the sunshine. To the Egyptians, Osiris' resurrection was much more closely tied to the idea of true immortality. In Egyptian myths, the gods are essentially immortal but they (Ra, for example) can still be subject to things such as age or disease. Osiris rules the afterlife, a place where those trivial things are already behind him and everyone who dwells (not 'lives', haha) in his kingdom. But even with this immortality and freedom from complete obliteration from time or memory, Osiris doesn't exactly have fun eating and drinking and enjoying the sunshine.
Am I making sense?

Anyway, as for this picture specifically, this was just me poking fun in my own weird way at the common depictions of Osiris being all mumified. His legs look so stiff, how does he walk or stand up? XD; So here he is unwrapping his legs (just wait until he discovers that his resurrection wasn't quite perfect cough cough he's been sort of emasculated)
I now have this hilarious depiction of a modern Osiris in a wheelchair in my head.
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