Satyr Dance Picture

This is the Meme challenge that I got from
And here is the result! I envisioned two young satyrs dancing around a fire in their own private party with the ruined Greek temple silhouetted in the background with a starry backdrop. The camp fire I made gave me an interesting challenge all of its own and it was one that I didn't intend at first. But the fire made for some strong contrasts between light and shadow. I don't think I've ever worked with such deep shadows before, and I loved working on this picture.

While working on this, I couldn't help but to invent a little story for this picture that I'd like to share with you now:
The golden age of mythology has passed. The once wondrous Greek empire has long since fallen. Two satyr lovers decide one day to make the long trek back to the place where their people used to romp and party and worship the gods. The trip takes two days, but they finally make it remains of the biggest Greek city.
They spend the day exploring and then they find the temple of
Dionysus (God of wine) at the top of a large cliff. Dionysus was a god their people were known for celebrating and they decided that they had to visit and pay tribute. It was dusk when they finally made it to the temple. Dionysus's temple was decayed and in ruins, just like the rest of the city, but much of it was still standing. It was getting late and they needed to leave the next day; therefore they set up camp in the temple.
That night, they reminisced on what it must have been like to hold parties for Dionysus in his temple. They had only heard stories of how lavish the parties were. The temple would be full of hundreds of people. Rich food of every kind placed on large tables. The love was carefree and passionate. And the wine. The wine was endless.
As they talked, they realized that it didn't seem right to be in the temple of Dionysus and not be able to give him a proper tribute. They had no wine with them and two people hardly counted as a party. Still, they felt they needed to do something. So the boy got out his musical instrument and sat next to his girl by the campfire. He began playing a tune and soon the girl got up and began to dance. As the boy played his music and the girl danced they began to feel connected to the temple below their hooves. The music of the pipes and the movement or the dancing soon put them into a sort of trance. They could almost hear the singing, smell the food and taste the wine.
Though they were only two young satyrs in the runes of a long dead temple, for one moment on a clear blue night they had a party and danced in celebration of the gods.
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