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Oh god, I hope I'm doing this right. This is my first attempt at joining an RP group, hehe.
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I'm not really sure which people to form a squad with! The only person I know in this group so far is the owner dasdgragcju
I tried to make a handwriting style for her, but WHATEVER, MAN.
"Stop treating me like a child! My standards are far above that."

[ G E N E R A L ]
Name: Cassidy Lacerta
Codename: Colubra
Code #: A227

[ A P P E A R A N C E ]
Age: Some where in the 30s, appears as roughly 14 years old or so.
Hair color: Dark brown
Eye color: Olive green
Height: 4"8
Persona: Lime green

[ T Y P E ]
Category: Angel
Character class: Intelligence

[ P O W E R S ]
Ability: Can control reptiles of any sort to her will for about eight minutes within a little less than a 1 mile radius. Usually pretty useless, since reptiles aren't always everywhere
Strengths: Her intelligence is probably her highest attribute. Clever, negotiates rather well.
Faults/Weaknesses: Very physically weak and frail, doesn't go into battle unless forced by self-defense. Often tries her best to stay away from fighting. She is pretty bad at handling weapons, and has terrible aim with her gun.

[ W E A P O N S ]
Generic 7-round revolver, specifically a Nagant M1895. Low caliber due to her weak form. Calls it the "Viper".
Secondary weapon(s): Jagged dagger, calls it the "Cobra". She enjoys naming things of her posession. >_>

[ H I S T O R Y ]
Growing up in the southern parts of Europe, Cassidy was oddly smart for her age as a child, and was redeemed "gifted" in school. So, her intelligence was so unusually.... massive at the time she managed to skip alot of grades and all that. Of course, no one would suspect that anything's wrong with a mind like that. People would think she's just another smart kid. But then there are the more.... obvious, noticable things.

Cassidy had always been very interested in the reptile section of pet stores. Let's just say that she wanted to show her friend what she can do with that "pretty cool thing I can do!" on a snake and, well...
Well, you could probably infer what happened after that.

Her past isn't very eventful, but it's worth noting her close relationship with a certain friend. At 13 years of age, she and her friend created a truce of goodwill, and set themselves a goal of world peace.

On Cassidy's 14th birthday, she wished for the goodwill of this friend, an exciting future and well, peace in the world, of course. And that's when her wings materialized into the sight of everyone around her, a grey tone lightening into white, feather by feather.

While that wish of world peace and fate of a beloved one couldn't guarantee to come true, she was certainly granted an exciting future; granted by one demon, one angel.

But one day, her best friend's family reported their daughter to be missing, and word was never heard of her presence ever again.

However, there was word in the newspapers; rumours of people witnessing at least two white-winged young girls on the streets.

Cassidy devoted herself to search for her friend since then; she proceeded to accept the two entities' offer to join the mafia. A place where she could be with others of her kind, people who might be fit to help her with her goal. And she could help them with their goals.
After all, assist those who assist you.
Seeing as she has very little combat ability, she decides to help with the Fallen Souls organization using her intelligence. Thus, the choice of an intel class.

[ P E R S O N A L I T Y ]
. Seemingly emotionless- She always has this bored look on her face and often doesn't react dramatically to things in most cases.
. Shy- Barely talks to people she isn't close to. A quiet person.
. Easygoing- Tolerates most people, never minds who would talk to her, unless she has some kind of grudge against them.
. Wordy- Likes to shove unnecessarily large and/or complicated words into her speech.
. Sarcastic- Makes lots of cruel jokes to alot of people, but isn't serious about it half the time.

[ L I K E S ]
. Reptiles. Practically obsessed with them, especially lizards.
. Black tea and sweets. Enjoys slightly spicy things, too.
. Books. Always brings one with her.
. Writing. Stories, poems, etc.
. Puzzles
. Orchestral/classical music
. SCIENCE. wow jess, you sure have alot of science-fanatic characters.

[ D I S L I K E S ]
. Being treated as a kid.
. Bitter things.
. Fighting and.... physical things in general.
. Romance novels.
. Stupid people, or people she sees as stupid, anyways.

[ O T H E R ]
Those flappy things behind her wings are supposed to resemble frilled lizards.
Always brings a notebook and a pen in her corresponding persona colour.
I did unecessary research for her full name and stuff. Lacerta=Lizard in Latin. Lacerta is also the name of a constellation, which is nicknamed "Little Cassiopeia". Cassiopeia was a queen in Greek mythology. Thus, Cassidy Lacerta. The number 227 is the three numerals that are pressed to type "Cas" on a cellphone; that is in her code number. Colubra, her code name, is snake in Latin, according to Google Translate.
I was compelled to shove in a middle name like "Elizabeth" just for the sake of lizard puns, but I don't know if you can put in middle names. Plus, it sounds a little weird to me.
This whole naming business is alot easier with this whole reptile theme, ddagsgeragc
She also tends to put reptile-themed puns into her speech sometimes.

Original drawing.
(Squad needs a SCOUT!)
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