You Think its FUNNY!! Picture

Well It turns out at the university, the senior reasearcher ( aka the boss) happens to be none other than Kazuar.
So Lucy went in to give him her latest research paper on mythology and he’s about to blow a gasket from trying to keep from laughing.
Now he’s not being mean mind.
The reason he’s about to laugh is that Lucy’s paper, while well written and perfectly researched, was on the “Myth” of Lost Atlantide.
Well Kazu’ knows its not a myth. It’s really kinda hard to not crack up when you read a paper talking about a place like its just a myth when you just happen to be the General of the King’s army.
Lucy however is not privy to this information as of yet.
She thinks he’s about to laugh cus he thinks the subject is silly.
Kazu’s about to get thwacked in the head with a research paper here, So he just might come clean… Maybe.
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