Psyche Discovers Cupid Picture

Equipment: Canon Digital Rebel XT, edited with Adobe Photoshop 7

Model(s): Elizabeth & Me

Shoot: This was the last one I did. Cupid and Psyche was not a favorite originally, but it has the virtue of being about the only Greek love story that actually ends happily. For that reason I felt that it should be in the set, and I set the timer in the closet where the camera stood. I posed as Cupid, the easiest shoot I've ever done of myself, while Elizabeth hit the button and posed with a screwdriver for a dagger and an unlit candle. The backdrop was taken in the Rotary Gardens in Janesville, WI.

Myth: Psyche was the most beautiful mortal girl on earth, so much that Aphrodite's temples fell into disrepair due to admiration of Psyche. Well, no goddess could handle that, so she sent Cupid to force her to love the most vile being he could find. Cupid, however, became enamored with her himself. Her sisters married kings, and her father consulted an oracle to figure out how to get her married off. He returned with news that he must place Psyche on a barren rocky hill and leave her, which he did, terrific father. Cupid had the wind Zephyr take her into the air and to his mansion. He came to her bed there, but only in the dark, because he did not wish her to know her identity. He wanted her to love him for himself, not his divinity. One day, her sisters convinced her that he must be a fraud, so she came to him in his sleep with a candle and a dagger, in case of trouble, apparently. The wax fell on him, and burned him badly, and he cast her out of his home. She realized her mistake, and went to Aphrodite herself for help, which is about the most gutsy thing in all mythology, in my opinion. Aphrodite enjoyed torturing her by making her perform horrific tasks, and Cupid, when he learned of Psyche's love, went to Zeus and asked for his help with Aphrodite. Zeus complied, and married Cupid and Psyche. Aphrodite finally accepted the girl, and Zeus bestowed upon her immortality. Yay for happy endings.
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