Art 2 Final Picture


so this is my final for my Art 2 class. the assignment was to read the story/myth that they gave us and use it as inspiration. you didnt necessarily have to illustrate the story, just draw inspiration from it. i got a norse myth about the origin of poetry and at the beginning of it there were some gods who made a pact. to seal the pact, they chewed special berries and spat into a giant vat and out of the vat came a being that became knowledge.

theres way more to the story, but thats the only part i drew inspiration from. i am, and always have been, obsessed with greek mythology and i adore the goddesses, so i drew some greek goddesses around a cauldron. i was originally going to have a hand coming out of the pot, but i couldnt get it right no matter what i did. it just took away from the rest because it looked so out of place and retarded, so i took it out.

aaaannnyyyways.... this was done on 38x50in. lenox paper and completely in charcoal and white charcoal lol.

im really proud of myself, i used to hate charcoal, its so hard to work with, but i feel like ive conquered it...a little. lol.

critiques are welcome, as always, just know that i cant change anything, but i will keep everything in mind for my next drawing.
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