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Eilonwy, Princess of Llyr

I really love shoomlah's historical disney princess series, so I took her pictures as inspiration and decided to draw some of my own. I didn't quite manage to catch her style, but it's my first try with photoshop (or any form of digital art, really) and although I'm noticing a bunch of mistakes while putting this up right now, I think it's OK for a first try ^^

Since Prydain is a fantasy world, I wasn't sure what century I should base the clothing on. But, since Lloyd Alexander encorporates a lot of celtic mythology from the Mabinogion, I decided on Ireland in (roughly) the 10th/11th Century (because the Mabinogion is said to date from somewhere around that time). However, I took some visual guidance from the Book of Kells (9th Century), so there might be some discrepancies...
I dressed her in a léine (a linnen tunic), an ionar (a jacket or short tunic) and a brat (a cloak, held in place with a brooch/pin). The crois or belts had buckles and were woven or braided, but I just liked it better this way...(creative liscence rocks!!) I tried to stay close to the original disney colour scheme with the clothing, so that might not be historically accurate.
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