Neo Sailor Maanah Picture

"Neo Sailor Maanah, Soldier of God and the Righteous Path, member of the Star Warriors, the Gentle One, the Lady Divina."

As stated before, many Senshi of the Star Warriors base their titles and names from a wide range of diversities. Mythological figures, locations, ideologies, historical figures, anything can be used within the Star Warriors to assume a new title, even your own name. And that is what a band of young women did, choosing their names as their new Senshi titles.

Maanah hailed from a religious planet somewhere in our galaxy, where Christianity was the main form of religion. She grew up learning about God and the Bible, and came to be a pious follower of the faith. But unlike so many, Maanah had a streak of independence and love that was not common for a strict follower of Christianity. She had studied all the holy wars committed in her religion's name and came to understand that it was not necessary to worship the way your elders told you to. Too much blood had been spilled because of such zealous, blind faith, and that is what she refused to do. Maanah swore an oath in her early life to never impose her religious beliefs on anyone else, preferring to respect the individual beliefs of others. This did not bode well for the leaders of her planet's religion, as they believed in the direct opposite.

Seeing the corruption of her religion, Maanah decided not to be bound to any one form of dogma. She decided to live the life of a hermit, traveling from planet to planet doing service for others while practicing her faith. It was how the Star Warriors found her, and they marveled at her balance of faith and love. She was not a religious fanatic as they had previously believed, but a woman of respect and love for her fellow being. Though she had never seen battle, the Star Warriors decided to offer her membership in their ranks, and Maanah accepted to their delight.

Maanah realized she had found her place in life and learned everything her instructors taught her at a fast rate. She chose to base her Senshi identity on the ancient medieval knight, becoming a self-appointed knight herself, hence her attire. Since her elevation as a Senshi, Maanah has traveled the length and breadth of the galaxy fighting for others and providing relief service to anyone who needs it. Such is her reputation that all who have seen her gave her a worthy title: the Gentle One, in recognition of her humanitarian needs. But she is also a warrior, skilled in the art of the blade. That is Neo Sailor Maanah, one of the faithful Senshi of the Star Warriors.

Weapons and Items

Sword and shield- a blade and shield made from the finest metals and materials, they are effective weapons in her delicate hands. The sword's sharpness is equal to that of the Japanese katana, and the shield is light enough to thrown at enemies.

Knife- a simple knife strapped to her leg for close-in fighting and defense.

Holy cross and Bible- common to all Christian followers and exorcists is the cross and the book. Maanah herself is also an accomplished exorcist, having banished many a demon from unfortunate victims in addition to outright fighting them.

Known attacks

The Lord's Deliverance- her strongest attack comes in the form of a shining, heavenly beam of golden light that seemingly comes from the skies. No one knows if it's God himself or Maanah's own faith made manifest. Whatever its origin, the light is extremely deadly to all demons, able to burn their skin and bodies away to nothing while healing those who are spiritually wounded.

Wrath of God- it many have spoken many times by fire-and-brimstone preachers, but now the phrase has a physical embodiment in Maanah's attack. What this attack is no one knows, for all they see is an invisible storm of energy that can lay waste to entire groups and landscapes, though leaving the earth itself untouched.

Healing Presence- this final power of hers is a healing power, able to heal any person both physically and spiritually. It is Maanah's most frequently used power, as she views herself more as a healer than a warrior.

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A couple years ago, back when I was a newbie, I met a great artist and photographer who had a series of women with magical abilities. Called the Mage series, it impressed me and I requested permission from the artist to make my own version. Given permission, I did a whole series of her Mages in my own image and then made them again in a second set.

Now I commence a third iteration. This is the second.

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