Alphus, White Tiger Picture

This is a picture I made of Alphus, a genetic mutant Cyborg made by Ssu-Ling Genetics, made in the image of the White Tiger of the West in my story based on Marvel comics called the Wild Ones.
Alphus was a genetic cyborg made as the end result of much genetic research in form and powers, made to emulate the White Tiger of Oriental Mythology.
This is all part of a plot to usurp a prophecy that will take control of the Legendary power of the real Ssu-Ling.
Beyond looking like a White, with the speed and power that goes with it with it, Alphus has the Power of the Metal Element. This allows him to control a liquid metal in his body and bend it into all sorts of shapes at will. He also has metallic claws, a blade on his tail, and other metallic parts in his body.
Alphus was creates in a lab, and was not a person before the experiments, being cloned in a lab, having his whole body changed to incorporate liquid and sold metal parts. As such he has no loyalty other then to the company, knowing nothing else.
Alphus falls in battle fighting with the Wild ones, his robotic parts not standing up to the strains of battle, his place as an Avatar of the Guardians when the true White Tiger Avatar is finally revealed.
I made the picture from a Doll I found here [link] by the artist Lilly and it is used with permission.
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