Tayness Picture

So, story update lol...
Tay is, as you know the sone of the orsman from greek Mytholigy.
The orsman ferries the souls of the departed to the underworld.
in mythology, when someone died they had two gold coins placed on their eyes as payment for the ferry, if there were no coins the orsman would refuse to let the person passage, then that poor soul would have to spen 100 hears wandering the shores of the underworld before he could get in, or, as may tales go, he was easily bribed and tricked.
anyhoo, were talking about tay here...so tay makes it to the land of the living, but not before his father gives him a small bag og pure gold coins lol, which not surprisingly turns a few heads as he trys to pay for food with them.
More to come soon, and some interesting new chars too
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