Aquatic Dragon Picture

Lane Davenforth, a (exceedingly rare; crosses are generally infertile) fifth generation aquatic dragon with expressed traits, has had something of an odd life, unable to spend much time where normal sight would risk exposure of his peculiarities (it is not an easy life for mythological oddities). It is not until the 'lost' Aether Aerimis Wing begins to spend time with him that he attempts something his siblings long ago surpassed him at. Thankfully, he is a natural in the water and Aerimis did not have to explain to his friend from whom he borrowed the place privately for the night why there was a drowned art-dealer with a bizarre skin condition in his pool (and yes, Aerimis is quite well aware of what Lane is, and vice versa).

So, long story short: For his birthday, from Aerimis, Lane got a new pair of trunks and the chance to finally swim.
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