Jadvyga Ref Picture

So this is my persona.shes based off of me but not 100% like me. Her outfits however, are all my outfits c:. Also part of her hair is BRUSHED BACK like Lucifer from the Devil is a Part Timer. It is not cornrows.

Collar or triforce necklace
Bracelets or Arm warmers
Bandana (sometimes)
Phone and earbuds

Name- Jadvyga (pronounced Jahd-vee-gah)
Nicknames- Jade, Jay, JJ
Date of Birth- June 10, 1998
Gender- Female
Eye color-gray
Sexuality- Demisexual
Relationship Status- taken
Nationality- American
Religion- Wicca
Personality- weird, somewhat violent, crazy, intelligent, slightly funny, easy to get along with, laid back, organized, artistic, shy, quiet, awkward, has trust issues, nerdy, dorky, geeky, acts tough but is a big softie, anger issues, low self esteem
Likes- Ravens, crows, movies, youtube, video games, muscle cars, pistols, sniper rifles, swords, shields, dream catchers, Skyrim, LoZ, masks, Wiccan culture, pagan culture, Asian culture, German culture, Spanish culture, BBC, drawing, writing, reading, listening to music, Rock music, Metal music, wolves, dragons, Supernatural, Dr Who, Sherlock, Hannibal, Homestuck, Pokemon, anime, TVD, swimming, soccer, tennis, sitting under the shade of a tree drawing, darkness, blood, gore, horror, moon, astrology, astronomy, anatomy, chemistry, robots, marionettes, dolls, angels, demons, shapeshifters, vampires, witches, ghosts, graveyards, zombies, neon colors, fanfiction, creepypasta, Eyeless Jack, Ben Drowned, Slenderman, pandas, cats, dogs, snakes, boots, tattoos, vocaloids, learning new languages, staying up late, space, ghost stories, American Horror Story Coven, pens, art, dark colors, coffee, tea, Knights, medieval times, Salem Witch Trials, Crusades, American Revolution, WW1 and 2, HRE, mythology, comics, manga, batman, roses, crosses, abandoned places, haunted places
Dislikes- spiders, stink bugs, forgetting things, annoying people, mean people, when people do stupid things on purpose, when people just assume her feelings and thoughts, being lied to, being back stabbed, pregnancy, oceans, doctors, high heels, dresses, skirts, snow, cold weather, really religious people who shove their religion down people's throats

Jadvyga and Art c) Me

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