Gorgon Sorceress Picture

I finally bought some new colored pencils and a few gel pens and I figured I'd test them out on my unfinished concept sketch of a gorgon sorceress. This is the first of many conceptual drawings I'm working on alongside developing an original setting for a campaign in Dungeons & Dragons.

In this setting, gorgons take the place of medusae (like the eponymous monster from Greek Mythology) and gorgons (which in D&D 3.5e are apparently metallic oxen that breath petrifying gas at their victims... I'm still not sure where Wizards of the Coast got that idea), but are more like medusa and classical gorgons like her from Greek legends. These gorgons are more humanoid than the norm, and don't have petrifying vision or hair of living snakes all the time, but are well-known for spells that can make these traits possible. They have a snake theme, despite being biological relatives to humans, dwarves, and cyclopes, and are fond of magic that revolves around snakes, such as transforming themselves into serpents or summoning fiendish basilisks to fight for them. Their culture venerates the serpents of the land, as opposed to the serpents of the sea or the serpents of the skies (dragons), and so they are well-known for their masonry, earth and stone magic, and petrification spells. They are also fond of poisons, as is to be expected with their snake theme. By the starting year I would begin a campaign in this setting, they have a close alliance with naga; snake people that have a close relationship to the serpents of the seas. The worship the sister-goddesses, Medusa and Lamia, who control curse and fortune, respectively. In spite of their historical status as villains, snake-theme, worship of malevolent deities, mastery of poisons, and past grievances with most of their neighbors, gorgons are one of the nicer races in the setting and I designed them to be a sort of "Hufflepuff" state, neutral in the political conflicts of humans, elves, and dwarves, and the demonic entities manipulating the action.

There are a lot of other races from the game that I'll be redesigning for the setting, and I'll likely upload them if I like the sketches enough. Hopefully I can get a party of players together once the whole thing's finished, and we'll all have a fun time.
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