I Could Only Watch Picture

"I could only watch as they killed my mother and siblings. I was helpless."

A back-story event of one of my characters, Zhenah-byth.
In the story, the dragons genetics have become limited to a handful of different dragons races, all of which believe they are "true dragons" like their ancestors. It is because of this subdivision that racial mixing is severely looked down upon. When a young Nymalli and her Ghraliff mate are discovered, a pack of Nymallian assassins are sent to destroy them.

When the ambushed happened Zhenah-byth was able to hide before being seen. From her hiding place she watched in horror as her brothers, sisters, and mother were killed. Her father returns to the cave to find his family dead, but discovers his whimpering daughter -- the only survivor -- paralysed with fear among stone debris.

Zhen and her father live in secret for many years as she ages.

Two days ago, my pet chameleon Ridley passed away. It was very sudden.
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