Many Monsters, part 2 Picture

More fun with made-up video game enemies, a meme spread to me by ~DaSchwartz. Try it yourself! It's fun and it may cure a cold!

An Infamous Year: Obviously inspired by 'Happy' from "Rudolph's Shiny New Year," to the point where I was going to name him 'Bitter.' Notice that, despite his antiquated musket shotgun, he represents the fairly recent year 19Deadly2.

The Family Jewels: I don't know what that hat is that Mama Berenstain Bear is always wearing, but here it is in a cameo.

Ominous Cowsill: Sort of a mobile version of the traditional "darkness with a lot of mean disembodied eyes" theme.


Rogue Emotions: I feel like I'm ripping off "Even A Monkey Can Draw Manga" by using this, for some reason.

Orc Finger Puppet: I hate orcs. Tolkien used a perfectly appropriate word, 'goblin', in one book, then ditched it and renamed them after a kind of Russian water monster that had no connection with underground mayhem. And on top of that, no one can decide what they frickin' look like; even Peter Jackson just made them into short zombies, boooring. Yes, I hate orcs; the only place they have in my world of mythology is being those little rubber finger puppets that look like French ticklers that you get in a pinata. That's all my respect for you, orcs. *spit*

Goliath Atom: It's got like a thousand protons! It's huuuuge!

Corrupted Fashion Doll: This is one of the Barbie dolls you see in the gutter, with her perfect hair ruined by mud pies and melted popsicles, no clothes, huge nipples drawn on with a blue ball-point pen, and her head detached and too full of glue or melted crayons or whatever to reattach. This is a bitter, vengeful doll right here.

Stealth Blacksmith

Capuchin Constrictor

Gangly Flea

Speed Beanie: Another Beanie. These may show up in a video game-related project I've had in the works for a few years.

Sugar Monolith: If these were in a game where you could capture the monsters and make them fight, your Octooth would never be able to win against one of these.
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