Puella Magi Around the World - Juanita Magica Picture

You see how historical figures in PMMM like Joan of Arc and Cleopatra were Magical Girls? As I finished the series I thought that a female historical figure from my country, The Lady of Ampato a.k.a La Momia Juanita (The Mummy Little Juana in Spanish), had the perfect background to have been one!. She was an Inca girl that when killed as a human sacrifce was just 14 years old. Found in fancy clothes, jewels and gold, she was an incredibly well preserved mummy. She's expected to have been beautiful and healthly. Around her founding place, antoher 5 mummies of teeange girls were also buried (her PM team?). As she was killed for the gods (the Apus or Inti) her Soul Gem has sun and moon patterns, it's lime-colored mainly beacuse I couldn't think on another coulour for her (maybe gold or red could've been more convenient). Her Grief Seed also has sun and moon patterns, along with a mountain-like figure in the top. Her witch form like-wise has sun and moon forms, honestly, Incas were obssesed with this. This witch is called Pistacho, like a mythological monster from the Andean culture, which eats naughty children that doesn't go to sleep early, very PMMM Witch-like, huh?

The background for the Magical Girl form was edited by myself from the official Ume Aoki's cards
For the Witch Card Template, I used this by
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