MYO Pothead Contest Entry Picture

Eeeeee I'm so glad I had time to make this ; u ; I seriously want a pothead like so bad you guys don't understand x,D

Name: Phrixus
Gender: Male
Sexuality: ????
Species: Pothead
Info: Phrixus is very optimistic. He loves stars and crescent moons. He loves splashing around in puddles but hates swimming. He is full of energy so he tends to be outside all the time. He's been through various owners and it has put a toll on his happiness but he never ceases to stop with his upbeat energy. He is very shy and kind of socially awkward. Once he gets to know the person/thing you wouldn't be able to imagine he was once that odd guy. He loves mythology especially Greek Myths. His favorite colors are black, green, turquoise, and maroon. He loves being trendy and yes he went through the YOLO phase. He never goes out without making sure there are no smudges on his mask and cannot stand having a fur out of place. He loves skateboarding and wearing bandanas. He hates negativity and tries to stay away from it. Whenever someone close to him is upset he will try and help them despite his hate for negativity and sadness. He gets along with any species, birds, cats, dogs, other potheads, humans, ect. He just loves being around people who care for him. His hobbies include, skateboarding, painting, running/jogging, helping out, and grooming himself.

Species is owned by Swarthylacine

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