Calliopeia's Meteor Ritual Picture

This is the completed product of the art contest entry I made for Arcane's Pony Island adoptable project, the Celestials. ^^ I'm the creator of the Ki'rin Foxes, once of which would be Calliopeia. ;3 (I tried to have Angel of the Dark, my Asi'rynth Nacoyia <-species by Arcane- drawn in next to her, tending to a magick flame and some divination crystals to help Calli, but she just did not agree with me and I couldn't get her to come out right. D: )

Anywho, Calliopeia, firstly, was a random custom I got from winning her and Arcane had done a stunning job in colouring her and making her markings. <3 (On the template; the art above is completely different from the template. :3) Since Arcane had created the fact that the Ki'rin Foxes are highly magical creatures, and since Calli fit that image perfectly, I went ahead and made fanart for her. ^-^

Calliopeia, obviously, was named after the constellation, a Greek/Roman mythological figure, something to do with Perseus (Though I'm not sure what.
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