Soul Eater Dragon Picture

I made this! It's a soul eating dragon. Three headed much like cerberus of greek mythology. Head from left to right; Hell, Limbo, and Heaven. They were once all three separate beings, eventually fused into one being. It had 4 arms and 2 legs, the two middle arms belong to Limbo and either side arm belong to Heaven and Hell, with wings attached though they are not usable. Limbo will eat and gather souls of the dead, collecting them in the lanterns on the end of the tails, then Heaven and Hell will eat the souls later or when desired, their souls devoured go to the corresponding place. Creature normally travels under ground. Limbo controls most of the body, legs, tail, etc. While Heaven and Hell are attached at the shoulders on Limbo, they roam the undergrounds looking for souls.

Soul eater belongs to TurianofHyrule

Will be coloring later
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