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An OC from a pairing I've started to have interest in and an idea for a pairing I came up. Arcadia is suppose to be based off of Toph from Avatar: The Last Airbender and Yatagarasu from Japanese mythology. So, enjoy. Also, the ghost behind her is suppose to be the ghost from the DP episode, Frightmare.

Yes, I know that the raven perched on her shoulder is suppose to have three legs. However, when I finished this, it was too late to add a third one. I'll remember to add the third leg onto her bird familiar in future pics.

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Name: Arcadia Frightmare Frostbite
Age: 18
Sex: Female
Species: Part human, part dream spirit
Family: Star (mother), Frightmare spirit (father), and Frostbite (foster father)
Place of birth: Mortal realm/Earth (In Amity Park)
Affiliations: Mortal order (a group of former ghost hunters fighting for the Ghost Council)

History: After Frightmare had been defeated by Danny, he had gone into hiding in the Dark Dimension (Metrion's realm). During his stay in the dark realm, he had heard of the former ruler and creator of this realm. When he learned that the Dark Dimension lacked a ruler, Frightmare decided to take Metrion's place as a new titan. However, the guardian of the Dark Dimension, Maou, intervened and banished him from the dimension so that he would not be able to enter again.

The fight with Maou had drained so much of Frightmare's power that he was on the verge of dying away completely. It was in his near death state that he realized he needed a child of his own to carry out his will. Frightmare eagerly entered the human world and disguised himself as a mortal to try to find a woman to take as the carrier of his seed.

When he found a woman with blonde hair and blue eyes by the name of Star, Frightmare placed her in a deep sleep and implanted his seed into her womb and he reawoke Star from her slumber and disappeared for nine months.

"You will bear the seeds of my heir deep within your womb and when she is born, she will be mine for the taking." Frightmare had said before leaving her behind.

Star had not suspected Frightmare's trick and when she began to experience the traditional negative side effects of pregnancy, that was when she realized that someone had raped her in her unconscious slumber. At first, Star thought about getting rid of the baby quietly and be done with it without any regrets, but rejected the idea when she heard the sound of her daughter's voice.

After nine months, Arcadia Frightmare was born. Little did Star know that whenever the infant was troubled in its slumber, she would have horrible hallucinations of the destruction that Frightmare had witnessed when he saw the troubled dreams of his victims. Not wanting to suffer through this endless torment, Star left the infant in the Ice Realm, where Frostbite found her and took her in. As for Star, she had committed suicide due to the immense trauma she had gone through.

Frightmare heard of his mate's death and assumed that the infant was nowhere to be found. Now driven by sadness and regret, Frightmare spend the rest of his life as a mortal in the human realm where his power had been drained away completely due to being disguised as a mortal for too long.

Frostbite found the newborn Arcadia and took her in, raising her as his own. Arcadia had developed ice powers of her own and trained in many different physical exercises.

At the age of sixteen, her life had taken a drastic change when she traveled to the Temple of the Yatagarasu in hopes of finding what she had been researching all of her life and that was an ancient raven spirit who was one of the beast spirits who fought Lorraizar, but like Nessus the Hydra, she had also been sealed away before completely dying. Arcadia found her way into the temple and noticed a strange inscription on the statue of Yatagarasu written in a Japanese kanji:

"My wings grant the pure hope and love
My three talons crush the impure with despair and agony
To awaken my darkness, one must offer something that belongs to them in return.
So speaks Yatagarasu, the Three Legged Bird."

Arcadia had read this description and Yatagarasu had emerged and plucked her eyes from her sockets in exchange for her power, replacing them with two silver eyes that would allow her to increase her other senses to many different abilities, such as being able to see through either vibrations or body heat depending upon who was in control. This meant that while Arcadia was in control, she would be able to see by using vibrations while Yatagarasu would see using body heat

She would only be able to possess her full vision if she entered the dreams of others. After this incident, Arcadia left the Ghost Zone and soon joined the Mortal Order in an effort to protect the four realms of humans, spirits, angels, and demons from destruction.

At eighteen, she had proven herself to be a skilled fighter, even using some of the dream powers she inherited from her father to fight against evil immortals of any kind in order to maintain the peace that existed between mortals and immortals alike.

Powers and abilities

Arcadia's powers focus on ice and dream abilities. She is able to see using vibrations around her in order to determine where her opponents are. Her strongest source of power though is the three legged raven, Yatagarasu, who, like Samael and Vanth Leviathan, can merge with her beast spirit to obtain an even greater power.

Frost Quake: Stomps into the ground to freeze her opponents. Mainly acts as a ground based ability.

Dream Spear: Turns her arm into a spear made from the cosmic energy of dreams, which she can use to impale her enemies from afar.

Ice Mantis: Summons a preying mantis made of frost, which strikes her opponent's pressure points and weakening them. This also drains them of their body heat.

Snow Coffin: Wraps her enemies up in a field of cryokinetic produced snow. She then clenches her hand into a fist to crush them to pieces.

Frightmare slumber: Drives her enemies insane with hallucinations of the despair Frightmare had witnessed.

Dream Mirror: Creates a dome of mirrors that allow her beast spirit, Yatagarasu, to transfer from one mirror to another. Arcadia then uses the power of Yatagarasu to "see" her targets before sending Yatagarasu to devour her enemy.

Crushing Nightmare: Her most powerful attack. Arcadia temporarily fuses together with Yatagarasu and the talons become chains which trap her enemies and tighten around and drain them of any life force. Arcadia and Yatagarasu then toss the enemy into the air and Arcadia is launched out of Yatagarasu's stomach in the form of a spirit and rips them apart.


The Priestess: Arcadia's hybrid form. Her arms become wings and her feet turn into talons, giving her the appearance of a harpy. She also grows an extra set of eyes that belong to Yatagarasu

Yatagarasu: The beast form of Arcadia and the appearance of Yatagarasu herself. This form possesses power equal to that of Nessus and Lorraizar, but her abilities focus mainly on darkness, ice, and dream power.

The Shadow Talon: The perfect form of Arcadia and Yatagarasu. Arcadia becomes a beautiful, angelic creature with the wings of Yatagarasu. This form is said to be the sister counterpart of Nessus and is even more merciless towards evil ones.


1. Arcadia is based off of Toph from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

2. Like Samael and Vanth, she also possesses the power of a demonic beast spirit.

3. Arcadia wears a special type of footwear that acts like a pair of normal combat boots, except that she can sense vibrations through them. Her gloves allow her to transfer ice energy into them and store it without freezing up.

4. Her Snow Coffin ability is based off of Gaara's Sand Coffin while her Dream Mirror is based off of Haku's Crystal Ice Mirrors.

5. She, like Toph, can see via vibrations.

6. Her beast spirit, Yatagarasu is based off of a Japanese mythological figure of the same name.

7. The idea of this OC was inspired by a pairing between Star and the Frightmare spirit that her creator came up with.

8. She is the third of my OCs who uses Ice elemental abilities, the other two are Lucifer and Lilith Fenton two of Danny Fenton/Phantom (technically Dan Phantom) and Ember's many children. Unlike Lilith and Lucifer though, Arcadia is not related to them.

9. Her Ice Mantis ability was based off of Ty-Lee's (Avatar: The Last Airbender) skill at hitting pressure points of the human body in combat.

Star, Dan Phantom, Danny Fenton/Phantom, Frostbite, Ember Mclaine, and Frightmare spirit (c) Butch Hartman
Toph, Ty-Lee, and Avatar: The Last Airbender (c) Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko
Gaara and Haku (c) Masashi Kishimoto
Vanth Leviathan and Lorraizar (c) ~EmberMcLaineRocks
Other OCs, Arcadia, Yatas, art, and image (c) ~AlucardHemlock
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